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  • 30 Day / 900 Trillion Zimbabwe Layaway
  • 30 Day / 900 Trillion Zimbabwe Layaway
  • 30 Day / 900 Trillion Zimbabwe Layaway
  • 30 Day / 900 Trillion Zimbabwe Layaway
  • 30 Day / 900 Trillion Zimbabwe Layaway
  • 30 Day / 900 Trillion Zimbabwe Layaway

30 Day Zimbabwe Currency Flexpay - Layaway Service
Layaway Amount:  900,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars
Zimbabwe Dollar:  900,000,000,000,000 / Nine Hundred - Trillion ZWD
Zimbabwe Currency Series:  AA, AB, AC serial numbers
Zimbabwe Currency Status:  NON-monetized
Start Time:  You Choose - *See Details Below.
Expiration:  30 Days from start date

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Zimbabwe currency layaway You are purchasing a Flexpay service for Zimbabwe
Collectible Foreign Currency From This Page!

You are purchasing a Flexpay service for the Zimbabwe Dollar currency. This Flexpay service will secure the advertised sale price at the time of your purchase, to guarantee the payoff price does not increase during your entire layaway period. By purchasing Zimbabwe Dollar layaway service, you can own the Zimbabwe Dollar, and pay for your purchase over a period of 30 days.

If for any reason you're unable to pay for your Flexpay service in full before the expiration date, you will still receive the amount of currency that you have paid for.  You MAY also qualify for a NO HASSLE refund of your installment payments. *Refunds for Service Fees do not apply.
*See requirements and restrictions for refunds listed below.

Although you are not obligated to complete your purchase, you will forfeit your secured pricing of your ZWD Currency if you choose to not make payments towards your layaway. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to pay on your Layaway currency to avoid potential price increases.

The price you pay for this item today, is the Flexpay "Service Fee", and is the fee paid to initiate your Flexpay service and Layaway. The Service Fee is used for operational expenses, and is NON-Refundable for any reason!   The Service Fee will NOT be applied or credited towards your currency purchase. The payments you submit towards your currency payoff, are referred to as the "Installment Payment".   All installment payments will be applied 100% IN FULL towards the payoff of your Zimbabwe currency purchase. You MAY request a full refund of all Installment Payments, providing you meet the refund requirements.

How This Works:
Purchase this item now and immediately after your purchase, you will be digitally assigned an Order Number. Your Order Number will be used to track your currency purchase, your purchase history, and other details regarding your Flexpay service.

We will deliver to you a copy of the Flexpay policies document after your order is processed. Your package will arrive by US Mail Within 5-7 Business Days of cleared payment. Your package will include your Order Number, receipt of purchase, payoff instructions for your Zimbabwe Dollar Layaway, the balance owed for your Zimbabwe Currency, and other crucial information concerning your Zimbabwe currency purchase, and layaway service.
(These policies can be found on the "Layaway Policies" page of this website, link below).

You may begin making Installment Payments towards your layaway purchase immediately after receiving your Order Number. Any Checks/Money Order payments MUST have the Order Number written in the lower left "Memo Section" on the method of payment.

At the beginning of your Flexpay service, we will apply a ONE-TIME Installment Payment towards the payoff of your layaway purchase. This Installment Payment will be equal to ten percent (10%) of the total Service Fee paid for this purchase. The currency this Installment Payment pays for, will be delivered along with the Flexpay policies.

During Checkout, please indicate in the "COMMENTS" box, which denomination of Zimbabwe Currency notes you prefer to receive when you complete the payoff of your Layaway. You may choose from the 10 Trillion Zimbabwe banknote, 50 Trillion Zimbabwe banknote, or the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe banknote. All other denominations of Zimbabwe Dollars may incur additional charges, as these notes are more expensive for us to purchase.

Your preferred denominations will take priority consideration at the time of distribution. However, we do reserve the right to deliver other denominations of Zimbabwe Currency, to regulate accurate distribution of amounts owed. Other factors such as availability, and condition may also affect denomination disbursement.

Any currency that you complete payment for during your layaway will be kept in-house and credited to your account using your assigned Order Number. Your currency will then be delivered to you at the completion of your layaway service. You MAY also choose to have your currency delivered to you after each Installment Payment is received, and cleared. Your balance of currency owed would then be deducted after each distribution. All currency will be recorded and delivered in accordance with posted policies.

To receive your Zimbabwe Dollar when submitting your Installment Payments rather then at the end of your order, you will need to submit the request in writing at the time of each payment. To do this, simply include a written request by email, requesting your Installment Payment be applied for immediate disbursement of currency. Place your "Order Number" in the email subject line, and include your name and contact information in the email. You may also provide an additional request in writing and include it when submitting your Installment Payment.

Zimbabwe Currency disbursements will be processed and delivered only AFTER your Installment Payment has cleared per our posted payment policies. After your payment has cleared, we will then process your order, record the serial numbers, and then deliver your Zimbabwe currency to you. This entire process can take UP TO 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS depending on the size of your order, the number of BUSINESS days in that work week, and how busy our day-to-day business operations are at that time.

How To Select Your Flexpay Start Time:
The default Start Date for your layaway service will begin on the day your purchase is made, unless you specify a custom Start Date. Custom start dates MUST be made AT THE TIME of check-out. We are unable to change your start date once your order is completed. To select a custom start date, leave a message in the "Comment Box" during the check-out process.

Your custom start date may be any day between your date of purchase and the first business day of the following week.  Example: If you pay for your Zimbabwe Currency layaway service on a Wednesday, you may choose a starting day of any day between that Wednesday and the first business day of the following week, which would be a Monday unless that Monday is a holiday.

MAXIMUM Flexpay Payoff:
The price shown below is your guaranteed maximum pay-off price, However your pay-off price may be lower at the time of pay-off.  If you choose, you may make one payment, or several smaller payments.  There is NO minimum required payment amount, or required payment schedule.

$259.99  /  100 Trillion
$149.99  /  50 Trillion
$89.99  /  20 Trillion
$59.99  /  10 Trillion


We do not claim, indicate, promise nor suggest there will ever be a Zimbabwe ZWR Rv, a ZWR re-denomination or a revaluation of the Zimbabwe ZWR currency.  WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE Purchasing Zimbabwe ZWR Banknotes OR Layaway services if purchased for that reason.  All banknotes on this website are sold strictly for collectible purposes only.

We do not not claim, indicate, or suggest that the Zimbabwe Dollar will ever be re-instated as a monetized currency at anytime.  We do NOT claim, suggest nor promise financial gain from purchasing this currency, or any other currency or service we offer or sell.  We do not claim, indicate, promise, imply, nor suggest there will ever be a Zimbabwe Dollar Rv, a Zimbabwe Dollar re-denomination or a revalue of the Zimbabwe Dollar currency.  WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST PURCHASING Zimbabwe (ZWD) Dollar CURRENCY OR LAYAWAY SERVICES, IF PURCHASED FOR THAT REASON.  All currency is sold strictly for collectible purposes only.

We do not believe the ZWR series Zimbabwe Dollar that we sell on this website is currently in monetary usage within the country of Zimbabwe at this time.  We believe the ZWR of Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWR) is strictly a non-monetized, collectible currency.  Our most recent research suggests that Zimbabwe is currently issuing new $2, $5, $10 and $20 Hybrid ZWD Bond Notes, and continues to use currencies of other countries such as the Japanese Yen, India Rupee, Chinese Yuan, and the United States Dollar and their monetary notes.

Cheapest Dinar/Guardian Svcs and this website do not make any recommendations or solicitations from or to its customers/members.  Buying and holding foreign currency (such as the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, or Chinese Yuan, for example) poses a very direct risk of the holder/bearer being unable to resell, convert the currency, or to exchange it back into US Dollars.  There exists the very real risk of a total financial loss, and therefore the collection of foreign currencies may not suitable for all collectors.

Cheapest Dinar/Guardian Svcs by means of all information on this website, and all communications and/or conversations discussed either in writing and/or by phone, openly discourages our customers/members from buying any currency, banknote or service that we offer, as an investment, investment instrument, income stream, gamble or because of any speculated, and or rumored increase in value of any such world currency.

It is unknown to anyone, and completely unpredictable to know when, or even if there will ever be a change in the value of any world currency.  Additionally, a change in value in any currency does not automatically imply an increase in value, as any change in currency value could easily cause a currency to lose value.  Our clients/members should conduct their own research on any currency or service they are considering purchasing, including the associated risks, before making said purchase.  We strongly discourage anyone giving attention to, or taking credit in, any rumors, propaganda or hype found on the internet or elsewhere concerning any change in currency valuation.

We are not an investment company and no information on this website or any document shall be misconstrued as investment advice.  We do NOT claim, suggest nor promise financial gain from purchasing this currency, or any other currency or service we offer or sell.  Our currencies are not to be used with the intention of investment purposes, purchased for investment reasons or with intentions for use in investments of any kind.  By purchasing our currencies or Flexpay services, you hereby agree to not use our currencies or services for investment purposes of any kind.  You hereby agree to not purchase, or use our currencies or services for reasons other than the intentions for the collectible purposes in which they are sold.

You agree hold Cheapest Dinar/Guardian Services, it's Owners, personnel, employees, assignee's, and or agents, harmless against any and all damages, including but not limited to financial loss, financial damages, and/or legal liability or responsibility as a result of your misuse of our products and or services.


There are NO returns, NO refunds for Flexpay service fees!

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30 Day / 900 Trillion Zimbabwe Layaway

30 Day / 900 Trillion ZWD

30 Day Zimbabwe Currency Flexpay - Layaway Service Layaway Amount:  900,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars Zimbabwe Dollar:  900,000,000,000,000 / Nine Hundred - Trillion ZWD Zimbabwe Currency Series:  AA, AB, AC serial numbers Zimbabwe Currency Status:  NON-monetize...
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