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MINT NAME: Produced by the Valcambi Mint in Switzerland
QUANTITY: 100 x 1 Gram Individual Valcambi Bars
WEIGHT: 100 Grams Sliver / 1 Gram Bars
PURITY: .999 Pure Fine Silver
DESIGN: Individual Break-Apart 1 Gram Bars
Condition: New Mint Condition / UNCirculated
DOWN PAYMENT: $14.99 paid today.
TOTAL COST: $164.99 is your total cost over your lay-away period.

This listing is for 100 beautifully stamped 1 Gram .999 Pure Silver Bars from Valcambi, Switzerland! This unique product can remain as a whole sheet of 100 connected miniature bars minted as a full sheet weighing 100 Grams (3.215 oz), or be broken into individual strips of 10 x 1 Gram bars. Bars will be from Valcambi, which has origins around 1852 in Switzerland. Exquisite Quality, and Guaranteed to be .999 Fine Silver!

This unique opportunity allows you to purchase an entire Valcambi bar, of 100 Grams of Silver, while having the payment flexibility to pay for your Silver bars over a period of 12 weeks (90 Days). Purchase your first installment of silver today from this listing, and take up to 12 weeks to finish paying for your order in full. This averages out to only $12.50 / week.

There is no set payment schedule, no set payment amounts, you may pay on your schedule, and within your budget. You may make weekly, or monthly payments, or even chose to make multiple random payments. Whatever payment schedule you choose, we will keep track of your payments, and notify you in advance once you get close to your final pay-off.

Payments as little as $12.50 / week would be equivalent to one full strip of 10 - 1 Gram Valcambi bars, allowing you to pay off your Valcambi Silver bars in only 3 months.

    Bar Highlights:
  • Bars ship sealed in plastic with assay card
  • Each individual bar contains 1 Gram of .999 fine silver
  • Produced by the Valcambi Mint in Switzerland
  • Divisible into 100 different bars
  • Purchase an entire bar, and pay over time
  • Pay Over 3 months, NO INTEREST charged!
  • Orders are shipped discreetly in plain packaging


Secure the price of your 100 Grams of silver, at this secure price TODAY! Even if the market price of silver goes up, you will pay no more than the price of this listing today! Once you make your initial purchase, we set aside a full sheet Valcambi bar of silver, containing 100 x 1 Gram silver bars. This bar is set aside for you until you pay for your order in full.

If for some reason you can not, or choose not to continue paying for your Valcambi Silver Sheet, you can stop payments at anytime, and we will send you the number of silver bars that you have completed payment for. - You have no risk of losing your payments!

Once you make your final payment, we will ship your FULL Valcambi sheet to you in discreet, unmarked packaging. Your Valcambi Silver bars will arrive un-opneed, in perfect Mint, UNCirculated condition.

EXAMPLE: If during your lay-away period, you for any reason, are only able to make four (4) payments of $12.50 each payment for a total of $50, then had to stop making payments, you would not lose your money, or your silver! On your last payment, you notify us that you will not be able to continue additional payments, and we will process your order as having purchased FOUR strips of Valcambi Bars, thus entitling you to FORTY(40)of the 1 Gram Silver Bars. Once your order is processed, we would ship your 40 - 1 Gram Silver bars to you.

If you complete the purchase of your Valcambi Bars IN FULL within 90 Days of date of purchase, you will receive your UN-OPENED sheet of Valcambi Bars in protective AIR-TITE Clam-shell packaging with Assay Card.

Order Paid IN FULL within 90 Days of the day of purchase, are GUARANTEED to NOT receive a price increase for their silver bars, even if the price of silver increases during that time period. Once you purchase from this listing, your Silver Price is GUARANTEED at the price shown, and your first payment of this listing actually counts as your first payment towards your silver purchase.

HOWEVER: If you do not complete your purchase IN FULL within 90 Days of the day of purchase, you are no longer protected by your guaranteed purchase price. After 90 Days, we reserve the right to adjust the price of the remaining amount silver bars from your Valcambi sheet that you have not yet paid for. Should you wish to continue paying for your complete Valcambi Sheet, the bars you have already paid for will remain that price, however the additional bars not paid for may be subject to a price increase.

Orders not paid in full, will receive their paid number of bars in bulk AIR-TITE Silver bar container packaging, but will NOT receive the original packaging, or the original ASSAY Card with their purchase. You MUST complete your purchase in full to receive your Silver Bars in UN-opened packaging with the Mint Assay card.

Our silver bars freshly minted for each order, and are guaranteed to be authentically produced by the Bullion Mint represented. Our Silver bars are an incredible opportunity to purchase .999 Fine Silver Bars in individual or quantity lots, at a very reasonable price, with many different pricing options.

Silver is among one of the primary precious metals sought after by investors, and collectors alike. Silver is not only a beautiful precious metal, it is one of the few metals that has successfully held a monetary value throughout history.

These wonderfully crafted pure silver Valcambi bars sport one of the most treasured and desirable designs from any United States collectors, and bring immense enjoyment to your collection... Without a tremendous risk of loss. If you're looking to put a little silver aside for a rainy day, or add to your portfolio, then be take advantage of this special offer TODAY!

Don't miss out, take advantage of this awesome opportunity with our special FLEX-PAY opportunity and FREE Shipping! Buy these silver bars individually, or in bulk quantity.

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RECEIVE 10 GRAMS .999 PURE FINE SILVER EACH MONTH MINT NAME: Produced by the Valcambi Mint in Switzerland QUANTITY: 100 x 1 Gram Individual Valcambi Bars WEIGHT: 100 Grams Sliver / 1 Gram Bars PURITY: .999 Pure Fine Silver DESIGN: Individual Break-Apart 1 Gram Bars ...
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