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Good Condition $1 USD - FULL BIRTHDAY SERIAL # Banknote.
This Banknote Is FREE With The Purchase Of US Currency of $30 Or More!
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Introducing this rare find Good (G) Condition US $1 banknote.  This banknote features a full birthday serial number from the year, 1922, nearly perfect centered margins, fully visible serial #, on Good condition note paper.  One heavy center crease and heavy signs of wear for the year, moderate tears and folds along one side.

This particular banknote was printed in the first run of this series, and was printed at the U.S. Fort Worth, Texas Federal Mint.  This $1.00 banknote is currently legal tender, monetized U.S. paper money.  As with all currency and banknotes we sell, this banknote will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, and Free US First Class Shipping.

anniversary date serial number $1 bill SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:
This $1 FRN banknote has been researched, graded for quality, professionally inspected for authenticity validation and has been verified as an authentic U.S. FRN banknote.  We will guarantee the quality and authenticity with our 14 day buy-back guarantee!  This FRN banknote will make a perfect addition to new collectors portfolio.

This collectible banknote comes with a genuine Certificate Of Authenticity, suitable for framing.  The serial numbers are recorded on the reverse side of the Certificate.  As an extra measure of security, we document the serial number on the reverse side of the COA, this adds further genuine authenticity to your banknote, making resale at a future date much easier.  For your added protection and validation purposes, we retain copies of your Certificates in our office for up to five (5) years after your purchase.

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$1 April 8th 1922 Birthday banknote

$1.00 USD Banknote Specifications:

Denomination:  $1 USD
Serial No:  L-19220428-A
Note Type:  Birthday / Anniversary banknote
Errors:  N/A
Condition Grading:  Good (G) 26
Series Year:  2013 A
Print Year:  2013 # 1
Print Date:  Nov 14th, 2013
Federal Reserve:  Fort Worth, Texas
Issuing Bank:  Boston Federal Reserve Bank
Note Mint Position:  E 5 - 12
Run Size:  N/A
Print Run:  # 1
Available To Public:  N/A
Rarity Rating:  95/100
Special Notes:   This notes shows minimal to moderate signs of wear, with moderate wrinkles, bent corners, and one margin edge rip on the right side.  There is one ink mark, with a center fold that are present on the note.
Condition Explanation:   Click Here

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1922 birthday serial number $1 bill

THE GOOD:  When inspecting this specimen, we found no indications of pinholes, foreign substances, rust, dirt, ink marks, stains, or any signs of attempted repairs.  This banknote is fully intact with no surface breaks caused from the folds.  There is still a fair amount of dark coloring on the note despite the fading present.  The coloring on the serial numbers is bold and clearly visible.  The tear on the right side does not extend into the design on the face of the banknote.

THE BAD:  There is one major vertical fold in the center of the banknote.  There are signs of color fading around the head of George Washington on the front, and more moderate color fading running horizontally along the reverse.  There is a tear on the right margin of the note, but it does NOT reach down into the design face of the note.  The paper quality no longer has the original crispness, however the note does not flop like "pancake" when held.

Using our currency grading table, we awarded this banknote the Good (G)/26 grade level.  You can review our currency grading table by  Clicking Here.


You may purchase between 1 single banknote, or any combination of US banknotes with a combined value of UP TO $2,500 USD when paying by Credit/Debit Card.  There are no maximum purchase limits for payments submitted by Cashiers Check or Domestic Money Order.

Accepted Payment Types Include:
*  US Postal Money Orders
*  Certified Bank Checks
*  Credit/Debit Cards  (+ 4% fee)
*  Personal Checks *

* Personal Checks payments require photo-ID submission prior to being approved for personal check payments.  All personal check payments require a 10 BUSINESS DAY processing time.

All currency purchases paid by credit/Debit Card will be subject to a payment processing fee in the amount of 4% of your order total (excluding shipping fees).  This payment processing fee will be added to your payment AFTER you complete the check-out procedure.  Credit/Debit card payments over $600 in a single transaction will be divided and processed in multiple payments equal to the total purchase amount, each under $600 per payment.

Your order will ship within 3-5 BUSINESS Days of CLEARED payment.
* See our payment policies page for payment processing/clearing times.
* Business days do NOT include ANY Holidays or weekends.

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$1 DOB - L-19220428-A

Good Condition $1 USD - FULL BIRTHDAY SERIAL # Banknote. This Banknote Is FREE With The Purchase Of US Currency of $30 Or More!     use coupon code, 1922good Introducing this rare find Good (G) Condition US $1 banknote.  This banknote features a full birthday ser...
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