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$1 Gas Pump Error Note - Extremely Fine Condition Banknote.

Introducing this Extremely Fin(EXF) Condition $1 Gas Pump Error banknote.  This banknote features a High 3 serial number, making this a Gas Pump error banknote.  This banknote is nice enough to be added to any collectors portfolio.  Purchase with peace of mind with our 14 Day Buy-Back Guarantee!

This $1.00 note is of the 19th run from this series  It was printed at the U.S. Fort Worth Texas Federal Mint, and distributed through the San Fransisco Federal Reserve district Bank  This $1.00 banknote is currently legal tender, and is monetized U.S. paper money.  As with all currency and banknotes we sell, this banknote will also come with a registered and documented Certificate of Authenticity.

THE GOOD:  This banknote features a highly visible serial number, sharply squared corners, clean and straight edges, near perfectly centered margins, bold coloring, two fully visible serial #'s, with a crisp and stiff paper quality.  There are no apparent signs of repairs, or tampering.

THE BAD:  One center fold that does NOT break the paper surface which runs vertically through the note.  Some minimal signs of wear exist, however the note does look better in person as lighting magnifies the imperfections of this specimen.  On the reverse, there are two light ink smudges that could be bleeding from other printed paper.

$1.00 USD Banknote Specifications:

Denomination:  $1.00 USD
Serial No:  L-58570103-T
Note Type:  Gas Pump Error Note / High 3
Condition Grading:  Extremely Fin (EXF)
Printing Mint:  Forth Worth, Texas
Issuing Bank:  San Fransisco Reserve Bank
Run Size:  2,124,800,000
Note Number Position:  F 4 12
Series Year:  2009
Series:  2009
Print Run:  19th
Print Date:  December 10th
Errors:  N/A
Special Notes:   The High 3 is apparent ONLY on the upper serial #.
Condition Explanation:   Click Here

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$1 gas pump error notes for sale OUR FINDINGS:
This US Banknote has been inspected, graded, and has been authenticated to be a genuine US currency banknote.  When inspecting this specimen, we found there to be no indications of pinholes, rust, dirt, paper breaking creases or any signs of attempted repairs.  This specimen is to any collectors collection portfolio.  We did find two smudges on the reverse (center) side of the note.

Using our currency grading table, we have examined this (2009) $1.00 USD banknote (legal tender, monetized currency) and awarded it the Extremely Fin (EXF) grading.  You may find our currency grading table by  Clicking Here

CURRENCY GRADE:  Extremely Fine  (EXF)
A note in this grade will be bright, fresh, crisp, and attractive, but a few light folds or bends may be present.  The overall eye appeal will be above average, and only the slightest soiling may be visible.  A note in this grade might have a few light folds or several very minor bends, or a couple of vertical creases may be present.  A note with a horizontal fold and three vertical folds cannot technically grade XF, although a very light horizontal bend that does not "break" the surface of the paper might be acceptable at this grade level if the three vertical folds are not heavy and there are no other apparent flaws.  A typical XF note may have a couple of pinholes, but any larger holes would prevent a note from reaching this grade level.

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Fancy Serial # Star Notes

This is for the purchase of Extremely Fine (EXF) Condition $1 US Banknote / L-58570103-T
(One Dollar, Gas Pump Serial Number / Star Note Banknote / 2009 Series).

You may purchase between 1 single banknote, or any combination of US banknotes with a combined value of UP TO $2,500 USD when paying by Credit/Debit Card. All credit/Debit Card payment will be subject to a 4% payment processing fee that will be added to your payment AFTER you complete the check-out procedure.

This $20 USD banknote comes with a genuine Certificate Of Authenticity, issued by Cheapest Dinar.  The serial numbers are recorded on the reverse side of the Certificate.  As an extra measure of security, we document the serial number on the reverse side of the COA, this adds further genuine authenticity to your banknote, making resale at a future date much easier.  For your protection and validation purposes, we retain copies of your Certificates in our office for up to five (5) years after your purchase. 

Accepted Payment Types Include:  US Postal Money Orders, Certified Bank Checks, and Credit/Debit Cards for this item.  Credit/Debit card payments for this purchase will incur a 4% processing fee.  This processing fee will be added to your payment total, AFTER check-out.  Credit/Debit card purchases over $600 in a single transaction will be divided and processed in multiple payments, each under $600.

Your order will ship within 3-5 BUSINESS Days of CLEARED payment.
* See our payment policies page for payment processing/clearing times.
* You will receive mixed pick, series, print years  &  serial numbers

$1 Gas Pump Error Note, High 3 - Fine Condition

$1 GP Error - L-58570103-T

$1 Gas Pump Error Note - Extremely Fine Condition Banknote. Introducing this Extremely Fin(EXF) Condition $1 Gas Pump Error banknote.  This banknote features a High 3 serial number, making this a Gas Pump error banknote.  This banknote is nice enough to be added to any colle...
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