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90 Day VND Layaway Service   /  500,000,000 Vietnam Dong
   500 Million Vietnam Dong Flexpay Layaway Service

You are purchasing an Flexpay Layaway service for Vietnam Dong.  This service provides you with the ability to make incremental installment payments for your Vietnam Dong purchase, and to have those installment payments spread out over the duration of the Layaway agreement.

Vietnam Dong Layaway The Price Paid For This Service Covers ONLY The Cost of The Layaway Service Fee.  Purchasing This Layaway Service Does NOT Pay For Any Portion of Actual Vietnam Dong!

This Flexpay service guarantees the advertised payoff price for this Vietnam Dong will remain completely unchanged during the entire Flexpay Layaway agreement period.  This guarantees you the best price possible for Vietnam Dong while allowing you payment flexibility and options.  Although you are not obligated to complete your purchase, we do strongly encourage you to complete your purchase if you are able.  By not completing your purchase, you will forfeit all guaranteed pricing included with your Flexpay Layaway service.

MAXIMUM Flexpay Layaway Payoff:
The prices shown below are the guaranteed maximum payoff prices for this Layaway.  While the payoff price is guaranteed not to exceed the prices shown below, Layaways may however, qualify for a lower payoff price at the time of payoff.   * inquire at the time of fulfillment

Layaway Agreement :   500,000,000 Dong  @   $239.99  / Million
Layaway Duration :    90 Calendar days
Layaway Amount :   500,000,000 Dong
Start Time :   *Day After Purchase
Expiration :   90 days from start date

Payoff Price (Total) :   $239.99 / Million Dong
Payoff Price  (per 100K) :     $34.99
Payoff Price  (per 500K ) :     $139.99
Payoff Price   (per 1 Million ) :     $239.99
Payoff Price  (per 10 Million ) :     $2,399.99

How To Activate Your Layaway Flexpay Service
Purchase this listing now by adding it to your shopping cart and completing payment the same as you would with any other product.  During Checkout, please indicate in the "COMMENTS" box for the message to seller, which denomination of Vietnam Dong notes you prefer for your Layaway purchase.  While we will do our best to fulfill your order request with these specifically requested denominations, it should be noted that we are not able to guarantee any specific denomination under all circumstances.  As such, during times of increased demand we reserve the right to provide a substitute denomination in order to expedite purchase fulfillment.

Once your order is processed we will mail a summarized copy of our Flexpay Layaway policies to you, providing you with instructions to pay off your Flexpay service.  This record will also provide information on the amount you owe for the payoff of your Layaway, the expiration date, the order number, and other crucial information detailing the logistics of your Flexpay Service. (all of this information can also be found on the “Layaway Flexpay Policies” page of this website)

To offer you flexibility of arranging an expiration date so that you may avoid your expiration date falling on a weekend or Holiday, you may choose a Flexpay start date different from your purchase date.  By choosing a specific start date for your Layaway service, you are effectively adjusting the expiration date accordingly.  You may choose ANY start date which falls between the date your purchase is submitted, and date of the first business day of the following week.

Example:   If you submit a purchase on a Tuesday, then you may select any Start date between that same Tuesday, and the Monday of the following week.  - UNLESS that Monday is a Holiday, in which case you may choose a Start date of the Tuesday after the Monday Holiday.

By Default;   If you do not specify a start date during check-out, your then your automatically applied start date would be the next day following your day of purchase.  So if you submit on order on a Friday and do not request a specific start date, then your automatic start date would be the Saturday following your purchase.


You may pay on, or towards the fulfillment of your Layaway service using our convenient Flexpay payment arrangement system.  Although you may submit an initial down payment for your purchase at the time of securing your Layaway Service, we do not require that a down payment be submitted at the time of purchase.

Additionally, we do not require a specific payment schedule, nor a minimum payment amount with each installment payment.  You may make installment payments of any amount, and as often or as little as best suits your situation and needs.

Layaway Service Fee Payment :  The Layaway Service Fee payment made to initiate your Layaway Service, may be submitted in the form of one of these qualified payment options:

  +   Credit Card
  +   Debit Card
  +   Cashier's Check
  +   Bank issued Money Order
  +   U.S. Domestic Money Order
     Example:  Western Union, Money Express, or Postal Money Order
  *   Personal Check   *Approved members ONLY

All mail-in type payments such as money orders and checks, are required to be received by our office No Later Than seven (7) calendar days from your purchase date.  Payments not received within 7 calendar days of the purchase date will result in your Flexpay Layaway Service being voided in its entirety.  If your payment is received after 7 calendar days, your payment will be returned back to you.  NO Exceptions!

Installment Payment Schedule :  There are no requirements in place which govern a specific payment schedule, or installment payment frequency schedule.  You may submit installment payments on your schedule and budget, and at your leisure.  The only requirement regarding a payment schedule is that your Layaway Service must be paid and completed no later than the expiration date of your Layaway Service Agreement.  Any payments received after the expiration date will be rejected and returned back to you.

Installment Payments :  You may, if you wish to do so, submit incremental installment payments towards the fulfillment of your Layaway purchase, though this is not a requirement.  Installment payments will be processed when they are received, not at the conclusion of your Layaway.

Installment payments made towards your Layaway payoff must be submitted in the form of one of these qualified payment options:

  +   Cashier's Check
  +   US Postal Money Order
  +   Bank issued Money Order
  *   Personal Check   *Approved members ONLY

We do NOT accept credit/debit card payments, or Bank Wire Transfers for the payments or payoff of Layaway services.  Only the Service Fee itself may be paid by credit/debit card.

Installment Payment Refunds :  If you are for any reason unable to complete the payments for your Flexpay Layaway Service before the expiration date, you may qualify for a NO HASSLE refund of your installment payments if you have submitted Installment Payments during the Layaway duration Service. * services fees are NOT refundable under ANY circumstances.

Your refund, if eligible & approved, may be applied in one of the following forms:

  1.   Your installment payment(s) may be refunded in full,
  2.   You may receive a store credit in lieu of a refund,
  3.   You may apply your payments towards the purchase of the currency that is covered in your Layaway Service.
    *  You may choose from any of these 3 options.

Absolutely ALL refund requests MUST be requested by phone, and accompanied with a follow-up email request including your Order #, and sent to:  Click here.

All refund requests must be officially received BEFORE  11:59pm Eastern Time of your Layaway expiration date, or your refund will be forfeited in its entirety.  Excluding refunds which are requested to be transferred to the purchase of your Layaway currency, all other refund requests, if approved, shall be issued or returned back to the original form of payment, or store credit.


* The below Legal Disclaimer is NOT to be considered the full and complete Legal Disclaimer for this website.  The full and complete Legal Disclaimer, site Terms and agreements can be found by clicking the links provided below.

All Flexpay Layaway Service Purchases Are Final.  The Layaway Service Fee is non-refundable.  Under no circumstances do we offer, or provide a refund of the Layaway Service fee.

Layaway Payoff prices may change at any time, therefore if there is a price adjustment or Policy change in the Layaway Payoff price or Policy while your Layaway is active, any renewal or continuation of your Layaway Service may reflect those changes with the renewed service.

If logistical issues prevent or cause an unreasonable delay in the delivery of your Layaway Service Agreement or cause a Service Agreement to be lost in transit, your exclusive and sole remedy shall be to have a replacement Layaway Agreement mailed to you.

From time to time, Banknotes Pro (Cheapest Dinar) may rightfully refuse to issue a replacement Service Agreement if we find evidence of fraud, refund abuse, or other manipulative behavior that entitles Banknotes Pro (Cheapest Dinar) to a corresponding counterclaim.

All Service Agreements shall remain in force and effective according to their respective dates, regardless of whether any Service Agreement may be delivered late, or lost while in transit.  All replacement Service Agreements will be issued to reflect the original dates as issued on the original Service Agreement.  Under no circumstances will any replacement Service Agreement be issued with a newly assigned date which reflect the issuance of the replacement.  The order record of purchase within your online account shall serve as your legal Proof of Purchase.

While many people believe the Vietnam Dong will be revalued or undergo a re-denomination resulting in great financial gain for those who own the Dong, we ourselves have no specific or official information supporting this claim.  Therefore, we do not claim, nor indicate, suggest, promise, support the idea of, nor imply that there will ever be an Vietnam Dong Revaluation (Dong RV), a Re-denomination, a Dong reset, nor a global reinstatement of the Vietnam Dong.

We do not claim, indicate, suggest, promise, support the idea of, nor imply any possibility of financial gain resulting from the purchase of, or ownership of, the Vietnam Dong Banknotes sold on this website.  THEREFORE WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST PURCHASING VIETNAM DONG OR OUR LAYAWAY SERVICES, IF PURCHASED FOR THAT REASON.  All Vietnamese Dong sold on this website is sold strictly for collectible purposes only.

Furthermore, we are not in any manner or capacity affiliated with anyone making such claims of an Vietnam Dong revaluation, Dong reset, or re-denomination, and we therefore strongly urge our members to refrain from considering such claims to be valid or credible information.

By Purchasing From This Website:
You hereby agree to review the Full Legal Disclaimer, the Terms of Use Agreement, Membership Agreement, the Flexpay Policy, The Layaway Policy, and the Payment Policy of this website prior to submitting your first, and each new purchase on this website.  By making a purchase from this website, you agree to be legally bound by all policies collectively found within the Policy pages of this website, and in all written communication, including emails, purchase-related documents, and on the various TOS and Policy Agreement pages, including all policies further expressed or implied in the Membership Agreement.

You hereby agree to not purchase our banknotes and/or services for any reasons other than as collectible items.  You agree that your purchase shall serve as your willful acknowledgment of your legal and binding acceptance of these policies and agreements in their entirety.

Additionally, you agree to hold Cheapest Dinar, Guardian Svcs, Banknote Pros, it's Owners, employees and/or agents, completely harmless against any and all legal liability and all responsibility for any liability and/or financial loss that you may experience as a result of your misuse of our banknotes, products, or other services.




There are NO returns, and NO refunds for Flexpay Layaway service fees!

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90 Day Layaway / 500 Million VND

90 Day VND - 500 Million

90 Day VND Layaway Service   /  500,000,000 Vietnam Dong    500 Million Vietnam Dong Flexpay Layaway Service You are purchasing an Flexpay Layaway service for Vietnam Dong.  This service provides you with the ability to make incremental installment payments for...
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