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120 Day Dinar Flexpay Service
Lay-Away Amount:  100,000 Iraqi Dinar (One Hundred Thousand)
Start Time:  You Choose - *See Below.
Expiration: 120 Days from start date

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Iraqi dinar on layaway You are purchasing a Flexpay service, and NOT
the actual currency from this listing!

You are purchasing an Iraqi Dinar Flexpay service that will allow you to pay for your Dinar over a period of 120 days. Some IQD dealers refer to their services as a Dinar Reserve. We do not sell currency reserves. What makes us different, is that our Iraqi Dinar Flexpay service allows for you to receive a full refund of your installment payments. If you're unable to pay for your Flexpay service before the expiration date, you may qualify for a NO HASSLE refund of your installment payments.

This Flexpay service will guarantee the advertised purchase price for your Iraqi Dinar will not change during the entire Dinar Flexpay period. This guarantees you the best price possible for Iraqi Dinar Currency while allowing you payment flexibility and options. Although you are not obligated to complete your purchase, you will forfeit your guaranteed pricing if you choose not to complete your Flexpay service. We strongly encourage you to pay off your Flexpay currency as this service is intended for.

How This Works:
Purchase this listing now, and we will mail a copy of our Flexpay policies to you, providing instructions to pay off your Iraqi Dinar Flexpay, the amount you owe for the payoff of your Iraqi Dinar, and other crucial information detailing how, when and where to pay off your IQD currency Flexpay Service. (All of this information can be found in this item description, and on our website prior to purchasing) *Please see our policy pages regarding payoff, and Flexpay information.

During Checkout, please indicate in the "COMMENTS" box for the message to seller, which denomination of Iraqi Dinar notes you prefer. You may choose from the 5,000 IQD banknote, the 10,000 IQD banknote or the 25,000 IQD banknote. Smaller denominations will incur additional costs as they are more expensive for us to purchase.

Special Note About Flexpay Start Times:
To offer you flexibility of arranging an expiration date to avoid weekends or Holidays, you may choose a Flexpay start date different from your purchase date. Your start date may be any day between your date of purchase and the first business day of the following week.

Example: If you pay for your Dinar Flexpay service on a Wednesday, you may choose a starting day of any day between that Wednesday, and the first business day of the following week, which would be a Monday unless that Monday is a holiday. If you do not specify a start date during check-out, your start date will be the day of purchase by default.

There are no minimum payment amounts or schedule required, you may pay on your schedule and budget, at your leisure.  If you have an remaining balance due at the end of your Flexpay, you may if you choose, renew the Flexpay service to continue making payments towards the payoff of your purchase. (Flexpay renewals/extensions MAY be subject to updated pricing and/or purchasing terms if the pricing or terms change during your original Flexpay). At the end of your Flexpay term, whatever amount of currency you have completed paying for, will be mailed to you once your order is processed.

Installment payments towards your currency pay-off must be made in the form of Cashier's Check, or US Postal Money Order. We do NOT accept Cred/Debit Card payments, or Bank Wire Transfers for currency pay-off.

If for any reason you choose not to, or are unable to complete the pay-off of your Dinar layaway, the Service Fee (the price of this posting) is NON-refundable. However, any/all installment payments made towards your layaway payoff may qualify for a refund.

Your refund, if eligible, may be applied in one of the following options:
  1. Your installment payment(s) may be refunded in full
  2. You may receive a store credit in lieu of a refund
  3. You may apply any payments made, towards the purchase of the currency that is covered in your Flexpay purchase

Refunds or currency purchases MUST be requested by email Click here    BEFORE 11:59pm Eastern Time of your Flexpay expiration date, or your refund will be forfeited.

It is required that all Mail-In payments are received no later than seven (7) days from your purchase date. Payments NOT received within 7 days of the purchase date, will result in your Flexpay being voided and your payment refunded back to you. NO Exceptions!

MAXIMUM Flexpay Payoff:
The price shown below is your guaranteed maximum pay-off price, However your pay-off price may be lower at the time of pay-off. If you choose, you may make one payment, or several smaller payments. There is NO minimum required payment amount, or required payment schedule.

$2,549.99 / Million Dinar
$329.90 / 100,000 Dinar


We do not claim, indicate, promise nor suggest there will ever be a Dinar Rv, a Dinar re-denomination or a revalue of the Iraqi Dinar currency. WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST PURCHASING IRAQI DINAR CURRENCY OR LAYAWAY SERVICES, IF PURCHASED FOR THAT REASON. All currency is sold strictly for collectible purposes only.

We are not an investment company and no information on this website or any document shall be misconstrued as investment advice. We do NOT claim, suggest nor promise financial gain from purchasing this currency, or any other currency, or service we offer or sell. Our currency is not to be used with the intention of investment purposes, purchased for investment reasons or with intentions for use in investments of any kind. By purchasing our currencies or Flexpay services, you hereby agree to not use our currencies or services for investment purposes of any kind. Furthermore, you hereby agree hold Cheapest Dinar/Guardian Services, it's Owners, employees and/or agents, harmless against any and all damages, financial loss and/or legal liability or responsibility, as a result of your misuse of our products and/or services. Additionally, you hereby agree to not purchase, or use our currencies or services for reasons other than the intentions for which they are sold.

Cheapest Dinar/Guardian Svcs and this website do not make any recommendations or solicitations from or to its customers/members. Buying and holding foreign currency (such as the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, or Chinese Yuan, for example) poses a very direct risk of the holder/bearer being unable to resell, convert the currency, or to exchange it back into US Dollars. There exists the very real risk of a total financial loss, and therefore the collection of foreign currencies may not suitable for all collectors.

Cheapest Dinar/Guardian Svcs and all information on this website advises all of our customers/members NOT to buy any currency as an investment opportunity, investment resource, income stream, gamble or because of any speculated, or rumored increase in value.

It is unknown to anyone, and completely unpredictable to know when, or even if there will ever be a change in the value of any currency. Additionally, a change in value in any currency does not automatically imply an increase in value, as any change in currency value could easily cause the currency to lose value as well. Our clients/members should conduct their own research on any currency they are considering purchasing, including the associated risks, before making said purchase. We strongly advise against anyone giving attention to, or taking credit in any rumors, propaganda or hype concerning any change currency value that may be presented on the internet, or elsewhere.

There are NO returns, NO refunds for Flexpay service fees!

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120 Day / 100,000 Iraqi Dinar

120 Day Dinar - 100K

120 Day Dinar Flexpay Service Lay-Away Amount:  100,000 Iraqi Dinar (One Hundred Thousand) Start Time:  You Choose - *See Below. Expiration: 120 Days from start date Remember, As A Member Of Cheapest Dinar You Get A FREE Random Sample Of Currency With EVERY Order! ...
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