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1,000,000 Vietnam Dong  /  500,000   VND Banknotes
   2x  500,000 VND Banknotes  /  Circulated Condition

This listing is being offered as a special discounted price for 1,000,000 Vietnam Dong available in the 500,000 Dong Banknote denomination, in Circulated condition.  Through this limited time special offer, you will receive 2x  500,000 VND Banknotes in Circulated condition, like the ones shown.  Your order will include a registered Certificate of Authenticity, and a free randomly selected sample of foreign banknote/currency as a Free Gift.

Take advantage of these great savings by purchasing 1 Million Dong at a discounted price through this special limited time offer listing.  This is NOT  the regular price you would pay by purchasing these banknotes individually, but rather, this is a discounted Sale price being offered as a special promotion.  - Enjoy these savings while they last!

1 Million Iraqi Dinar for sale Vietnam Dong currency is one of the more popular choices of foreign currencies amongst U.S. collectors.  The Vietnam Dong is detailed with colorful images of VietNam's symbolic history, and feature unique security features only found on the Dong banknotes.  All of this makes the Vietnam Dong Banknote a MUST HAVE addition to complete any collectible banknote portfolio, even yours!

Purchases of this item are subject to ALL standard discount policies, and therefore this item many NOT be purchased with the use of ANY other type of discount, including but not limited to;  Coupon codes, Discount codes, Special discounts, Clearance mark-downs, Auto-Renewal discounts, or even VIP discount levels.  In the event this item is purchased with the use of any other type of discount applied, we reserve the right to adjust the purchase price so as to reflect the correct purchase price which would include only the discount of the sale price indicated.

This is a SALE listing, and will therefore end without notice !

1 Million Vietnam Dong - IN STOCK NOW!  -  UNCirculated
   (2x 500,000 VND  /  500K  VND Ho Chi Minh Series VND Banknotes)

The 500,000 VND bears portrait of Ho Chi Minh.  Ho Chi Minh was Prime Minister and President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.  The notes are green, yellow, and blue and red, with widely varying shades of each color.  The new 500,000 Dong note is the largest note in the series, and is often referred to as the;  "NAM TRAM Nghin Dong" note.

500,000  Vietnam Dong Banknote Details:

Currency Name:   Vietnam Dong
Denomination:   500,000 VND  /  500,000 Vietnam Dong
Currency Symbol:  
Currency Abbreviation:   VND
Country Of Issue:   Viet Nam / State Bank Of Vietnam  (Ngân hàng Nhà / CBV)
Banknote Status:   Monetized / Non-Globally  (Collectible)
Paper Type:   Hybrid Polymer Banknote Paper
Banknote Size:   5.98"  x  2.55"
Pick Number:   p124a, p124n, p124s
Issue Type:   Regular Issue
First Year Of Issue:   2003
Print Years:   2003 - Present
Print Series:   VND  -  Second Vietnam Dong
Series Issue:   Ho Chi Minh
Issue Series:   2nd  Re-Denomination Installment
Serial Run:    Standard / English Numerical
Banknote Condition:   UNCirculated
Grade Range:   UNCirculated  (UNC)  82 - 90
Grading Definitions:   Click Here

OBVERSE (FRONT):   On the Front, the 500,000 Dong Banknote has “National Designs”, and the denomination "500000" presented prominently in the center.  To the left is the Coat Of Arms  of Vietnam Socialist Republuc.  "Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Vietnam" printed on top of these Notes, stands for: "Socialist Republic of Vietnam".  Ho Chi Minh to the right.

REVERSE:   Birth place of Ho Chi Minh;  Ho Chi Minh, born "Nguyen Sinh Cung".  The birthplace home of Ho Chi Minh is located in Sen Village in Nam Dan, Kim Lien district in the central province of Nghean.  Ho Chi Minh was born on May 19, 1890, and later died on September 02, 1969 in Hanoi, Vietnam.  he served as President of Vietnam from 1945 to 1969.

The birthplace Ho Chi Minh in Kim Lien, Nghean Province, is quite possibly one of the most recognized structures on all of Vietnam.  Nicknamed the land of "Sunshine Wind", the village sits about 15 km away from the city of Vinh.  The entire monument consists of 4 main structures: Motherland areas (Hoang Tru village known as Chua village), Fatherland areas (Sen villages), Chung Mount (Kim Lien) and Mrs. Hoang Thi Loan Tomb (President Ho Chi Minh’s mother) of the Nam Giang commune.  Tourists can visit this home while touring Vietnam.

SECURITY:   A watermark of the LOTUS Flower can bee seen with a trained eye.  The Lotus is the National Flower of Vietnam.  A Head bust of HCM is visible from both sides without holding the note up to a light From the front view it is visible on the left side, next to the serial numbers.  (On the reverse it is centered just above the denomination).

Guaranteed 100% Authentic & Genuine Dong Banknotes!

The security features of all our Vietnam Dong banknotes have been tested by our vendors to ensure authenticity of our VND banknotes.  We then provide an additional second layer of security authentication by hand inspecting each individual note for accuracy of those security features.  As a third layer of additional authentication, we further inspect each individual banknote using a standardized UV Security Light test.  Buy With Confidence!

1 Million Vietnam Dong banknotes for sale After individually inspecting the security features of each VND banknote, we grade them using a widely recognized and accepted numismatic grading system.  Our Genuine Vietnam Dong banknotes are guaranteed to be in the graded condition listed, and to be 100% Authentic Genuine Vietnam Dong banknotes, issued by the State Bank Of Vietnam.

The Genuine Certificate Of Authenticity issued with the purchase of each Dong banknote is printed on high quality bonded Paper, which is suitable for display and framing.  The serial numbers of each banknote are recorded on the reverse side of your Certificate of Authenticity.  This feature provides additional security and authentication for your banknotes, making resale at a future date much easier.  As a final measure of security, we document the serial numbers of each banknote and retain copies of your Certificates in our office for your protection should those records be needed at a future date.

Guaranteed Authentic, Or We'll Buy it Back!

Our inventory of 500,000 Dong Banknotes is legally imported to meet the growing number and high demand of U.S. collectors.  Now you too can add these rare and history - rich 500K Dong banknotes to your own personal collection!    - IN STOCK NOW!

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•  You will receive mixed pick, series, print years  &  serial numbers.
•  We are unable to guarantee specific grades, series, or serial numbers.
•  Banknote Grade Range:    UNC  82   ←Thru→   UNC  90  grades.

Buy With Complete Confidence...   EVERY banknote we sell comes with a numbered COA and is backed by our  IRON CLAD  - "Guaranteed Authentic, Or We'll Buy It Back"  Guarantee!


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We guarantee that our banknotes are authentic and genuine banknotes, officially issued by their respective countries.  However, all banknotes sold on this website are sold strictly as collectible currencies/banknotes only, and under no circumstances are not to be purchased or used for investment purposes of any kind.

While many people believe the Vietnam Dong will be revalued or undergo a re-denomination resulting in great financial gain for those who own this currency, we ourselves have no specific information supporting this claim.  Therefore, we do not claim, imply, suggest, nor express in any way that we share this belief in any capacity.  Furthermore, we are not in any manner or capacity affiliated with anyone making such claims, and we strongly urge our members to refrain from considering such claims to be valid or credible information.

We do not claim, indicate, suggest, promise, support the idea of, nor imply that there will ever be an Vietnam Dong currency Revaluation (Dong RV),  a Re-denomination, nor a reset of the Vietnam Dong as a globally monetized currency.  We do not claim, indicate, suggest, promise, support the idea of, nor imply any possibility of financial gain resulting from the purchase of, or ownership of, the Vietnam Dong banknotes sold on this website.

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1 Million Vietnam Dong - 500K Dong Notes

1 Million VND-500K-CIRC

1,000,000 Vietnam Dong  /  500,000   VND Banknotes    2x  500,000 VND Banknotes  /  Circulated Condition This listing is being offered as a special discounted price for 1,000,000 Vietnam Dong available in the 500,000 Dong Banknote denominatio...
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