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  • 500 Iraqi Dinar Notes - 1 Full Bundle
  • 500 Iraqi Dinar Notes - 1 Full Bundle
  • 500 Iraqi Dinar Notes - 1 Full Bundle

UNCIRCULATED 500 Iraqi Dinar Notes - 500 IQD Banknotes.

Introducing the 500 IQD Banknote, the most common of the Iraqi Dinar currency.  First printed in 2003, the 500 Dinar banknote is a favorite among U.S. collectors.  After years of declining price, the Dinar has once again seen prices soar in 2018 due to low availability.  The Reserve Bank of Iraq currently has 8 total denominations in circulation.  The Iraqi Dinar currency is detailed with beautiful historic landscapes, and color arrangement.  The Iraqi Dinar currency is one of the most popular choices of foreign currencies amongst U.S. collectors.

The security features of all of our Iraqi Dinar banknotes have been tested by our vendors to ensure authenticity of our IQD currency.  We provide a second layer of authentication by inspecting each individual note for accuracy of security features, using UV security light inspection tests.  We have the 500 Iraqi Dinar notes In Stock Now, and ready to ship within 3-5 business days of completed payment.

Purchase Limits:  You may purchase any amount of these Dinar banknotes between a single 500 Dinar banknote, and up to 400  (4 Bundles)  of the 500 Iraq Dinar during any 7 Calendar day period.  Bulk purchases of the 500 IQD must be pre-authorized and meet our Security Policy Guidelines, contact us to discuss qualifications and make arrangements.

This is for the purchase of UNCirculated 500 Iraqi Dinar Banknote / 500 Iraqi Dinar
(Five Hundred Iraqi Dinar / 500 Iraqi Dinar Note).

500 Iraqi Dinar banknotes for sale This genuine Iraqi Dinar note is guaranteed to be in the condition specified, and to be the authentic Iraqi Dinar currency issued by the Reserve Bank of Iraq.  The 500 IQD Banknote currency of Iraq is available for purchase now, having been imported to meet the high demand of collectors.

This Iraqi Dinar banknote comes with a genuine Certificate Of Authenticity, issued by Cheapest Dinar.  The serial numbers are recorded on the reverse side of the Certificate.  This adds further genuine authenticity to your banknotes, making resale at a future date much easier.  As an extra measure of security, we record all serial numbers and retain copies of your Certificates in our office for your protection. 

Your order will ship within 3-5 BUSINESS Days of CLEARED payment.
* See our payment policies page for payment processing/clearing times.
* You will receive mixed pick, series, print years  &  serial numbers

500 IQD Banknote Specifications:

Country Of Issue:  Iraq / Central Bank Of Iraq
Currency Abbreviation:  IQD / Iraqi Dinar
Denomination:  500 Iraqi Dinar / 500 IQD
First Year Of Issue:  2003
Pick:  P92, P98
Series:  AH1425, AH1435
Print Run:  2003 - 2014
Paper Type:  Standard Issue Dinar
Currency Status:  Restricted / NON-Global,  Collectible banknote
Currency Condition:  UNCirculated
Condition Range:   (AUC)  About Uncirculated <--Thru-->  (UNC) Uncirculated
Condition Explanation:   Click Here


OBVERSE (FRONT):   Dukan Dam (1954-1979) on the Little Zab river.  The Dukan Dam is a multi-purpose concrete arch dam in As Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Iraqi Kurdistan.  It impounds the Little Zab, thereby creating Lake Dukan.  The Dukan Dam was built between 1954 and 1959 whereas its power station became fully operational in 1979.

REVERSE (BACK):   Human-headed five-legged Assyrian (Mesopotamian) centauroid, winged bull or winged lion (Protective genie called Shedu, Urmahlullu, Lamassu or Alad) and a winged Assyrian priest statues from the palace complex of Sargon II in Khorsabad.

WATERMARK:   A watermark of an Arabian Stallion Horse, visible from both sides.  From the front, the watermark is visible on the left, in the green blank area, above the serial number.  From the Reverse, it is visible on the right side of the note, to the right of the statue.


Authorized Payment Methods Include:
1).  US Postal Money Order   *(1 Business Day)
2).  Bank Checks / Money Orders   *(10 Business Days)
3).  Personal Checks   *(approved members ONLY  /  7-10 Business Days)
4).  Credit / Debit Cards   *(2-3 Business Days / +4% processing fee)

US Postal Money Order Payments:
There are no purchasing limits when paying with US Postal Money orders.  They may be obtained from any US Post office in increments of $1,000 USD / each.  There is a 1 Business Day payment clearing time for this payment method.

Certified Bank Check Payments:
There are no purchasing limits when paying with Certified Bank Checks, or Bank Money orders.  This form of payment must be drawn from a US bank, as we do NOT accept international bank checks/money orders for payment.  There is a 7-10 Business Day payment clearing time for this payment method. (applies only to non-verified members)

There is a purchase limit of $1,000 USD per Day, and an accumulate restriction of $3,000 USD every 30 calendar Days ($1,000 per day / $3,000 per month).  This restriction does not apply to collectible U.S. currencies.

ALL Currency Purchases Paid With Credit/Debit Card Will Incur A 4% Processing Fee Applied To Purchase Total.  This processing fee will be added to your payment total, AFTER you complete your purchase.  You will NOT see this fee added to your order total before check-out, however we will email you a payment confirmation once your payment has been processed.

PLEASE NOTE:   Credit/Debit card purchases over $600 in a single transaction will be divided into multiple smaller payments, each under $600.  Split payments will be processed at at least one payment per day, until all payments have been completed.  You will receive a payment confirmation email with each transaction.

You must have an account older than three (3) months, with a purchase history of no less than three (3) previous purchases, to pay for currency purchases using a Credit/Debit card.  You may bypass this policy by submitting a photocopy of your Drivers License or State Issued photo ID prior to making your purchase.  The name on your photo ID must match the name listed as the cardholder.  and we will ship ONLY to the cardholder (billing) address.

View Our Complete List Of Payment Policies:  Click Here

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By Purchasing From This Website, You Hereby Agree To The Following:

Although the Iraqi Dinar is a monetized currency in Iraq, the IQD may not be a globally monetized, or traded currency recognized by all countries.  Collecting foreign currencies as a hobby possesses certain inherent risks, which include an inability to resell the currency or otherwise exchange it back into U.S. currency should you decide to liquidate your collection.

We are not an investment company, and no information on this website or in any communication written or spoken, shall be misconstrued as investment advice or information.  We do not claim, indicate, suggest, promise or imply there will ever be an Iraqi Dinar Currency RV (Revalue / revaluation), or a re-denomination of the Iraqi Dinar.  We do not claim, suggest, imply, nor promise financial gain from purchasing this currency, or any other currency we offer or sell.  The Iraqi Dinar currency (IQD) sold on this website, is sold strictly as a collectible currency only, and is not to be used for investment purposes.


By purchasing from this website you hereby agree to be bound by these policies, and all further expressed or implied policies collectively found on our TOS page, Payment Policies page, Legal Disclaimer page, and/or our Conditions Of Use page of this website.  You hereby agree to not purchase this currency for any reason other than as a collectible currency.  You additionally agree to hold Cheapest Dinar, Guardian Svcs, it's Owners, employees and/or agents, completely harmless against any and all financial loss and/or legal liability and/or responsibility that may arise as a result of your misuse of our currencies, products and/or services.


Currency Returns MUST Be Requested Within 10 Days of Delivery
- Currency returns MUST accompany the original Certificate Of Authenticity
- Currency returns MUST match the serial numbers recorded in our records.
- Returns will be DENIED if the serial numbers do not match, or your COA is missing!
- Return shipping cost is NOT reimbursed, or refunded under any circumstance.
- A 10% restocking fee will be applied to ALL returned currency purchases.

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500 Iraqi Dinar Notes - 1 Full Bundle

500 IQD Notes - Bundle

UNCIRCULATED 500 Iraqi Dinar Notes - 500 IQD Banknotes. Introducing the 500 IQD Banknote, the most common of the Iraqi Dinar currency.  First printed in 2003, the 500 Dinar banknote is a favorite among U.S. collectors.  After years of declining price, the Dinar has once agai...
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