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Some Questions From Customers...

It Is Hereby Made Known That This Page Is Currently Undergoing Revision and is being Updated.  The Information On This Page Is To Be Considered Inaccurate, Outdated And Under Revision Until Further Notice  Once the revisions and edits are completed, we will make notice of the update available in the same location as this notice on this page.

What is a Lay-Away Agreement?

How Do I Pay Off My Lay-Away Agreement?

Example: If you purchase a 30 Day Lay-Away for 10 Million Dinar, you will pay the service fee at the time of purchase. You are not required to complete your purchase and pay for your currency, Although you are not obligated to complete your purchase, you will forfeit your guaranteed pricing if you choose not to complete your lay-away. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ON LAY-AWAY ORDERS FOR ANY REASON. HOWEVER, any payments you make towards the pay-off of your lay-away may qualify for a refund if requested before 11:59 pm eastern time of your lay-away expiration date.

When Do I Have To Submit My Payment For Lay-Away?

Do You Accept bank Wire Tansfers?

What If My Layaway Expires On A Weekend?

Is Iraqi Dinar Legal To Own In The US?

Is Vietnam Dong Legal To Own In The US?

Is Zimbabwe Dollar Currency Still Active?

Are Zimbabwe Dollars Legal To Own In The US?

What is the benefit in purchasing a purchasing Foreign Currency?

Is your foreign banknotes authentic?

How do you know your currency is authentic & not counterfeit?

What Shipping Methods DO You Utilize

May I Arrange For My Own Shipping Courier?
How long before you ship my item?

Do you offer combined shipping?

Do I have to be a US resident to purchase your banknotes?

What if an item is missing?

Do you offer large order discounts?

How Can I Trust You As A Seller?

Do You Accept Returns?

How do you process refunds?

If You have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email.
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