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Emergency Shipping Policies


Current Dispatch Time:    1~3 Business Days
Current Average Delivery Time:    8~12 Business Days

First Notice Posted:    December 31, 2020

Last Updated On:    March 05, 2021

As many of you are likely experiencing, packages shipped through the US Postal Service are currently running a little more than just a bit behind.  Some Members are reporting that they are experiencing delivery times as slow as 2 to 3 weeks, or 10 to 15 BUSINESS days for their packages.  So you are not alone if you too are still waiting for an order which was marked as "Shipped" more than 2 weeks ago.

We believe this to be a product of the world events which have bombarded all of us during the 2020 calendar year.  The effects of the 2020 COVID19 Quarantine resulted in quite literally, the largest ever experienced increase in online shopping as people stuck at home had little more to do than to engage in online shopping.  More online shopping means that there is an inevitable increase in packages being shipped through the US Postal Service.  Then more recently the United States experienced what was literally the largest ever single increase in mail-in ballots for the 2020 election.  This too resulted in even further delays by the US Postal Service.  Shortly after the election, not two weeks later to be exact, the we all experiences the largest ever "Black Friday" shopping season as a record number of people were conducting their Back Friday shopping online rather than in-person, as a result of many store not being open, or allowing only limited amounts of people into the store at any given time.  This was the icing on the cake for the US Postal Service, creating the "Perfect Storm" for some of the worst-ever Postal delays in the entire History of the US Postal Service.

With so many events happening in such a short amount of time, all of which had a DIRECT effect on the productivity of the U.S. Postal Service and their efficiency, it's no wonder that we are still experiencing such unprecedented delays in shipping / delivery times.

This Announcement Is Taken From The U.S. Postal Service Website
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PLEASE KNOW,  however, that we have absolutely NO control over this unfortunate situation.  We are receiving as many as 5+ calls per day, each and every day, regarding late deliveries.  We are FULLY aware of this situation and have even reached out to the local Postal Facility Hub so many times, that we now know the Postal Master on a first name basis. ~ Seriously!

We are now advising ALL Members who view their orders as "Time Sensitive", to purchase an upgraded shipping service such as USPS Priority Mail, or UPS Ground Delivery.  However, if you choose to proceed with the U.S. Postal Service shipping option which we offer for "Free Shipping", then please take note of the newly expected delivery times in the map below.

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These delivery times are not projected by the US Postal Service.
Rather, this map is based off of the delivery times that other Members are reporting to be experiencing at this time.
We are asking and welcoming all Members to report their delivery times to us so that we may keep this map and information up-to-date.

We have absolutely NO control over these delivery times.  Once a package is handed off to the Postal Service, we are NO LONGER LIABLE for the effective delivery time that it takes for your package to be delivered to your location.

If you wish to purchase an upgraded shipping service, please review the "Shipping Policies" page of this website to review pricing for each of the available shipping options.  We unfortunately will not be able to provide any of these upgraded shipping options as a "Free Shipping" option.  However, we will continue to provide Free Shipping through the standard shipping service provided by the U.S. Postal Service.

During the check-out procedure, simply type your preferred shipping method into the "Comments Box" during payment.  Be sure to include the notated price that is listed for your preferred shipping option so that we can be certain to provide the correct shipping service for your shipment.  The cost for this upgraded shipping service will NOT be shown in your shopping cart during check-out, as we will have to manually add this cost to your order during payment processing.

Simply do nothing during the check-out process, and complete your order as you normally would.  By not commenting your preferred shipping service into the comments box, we will automatically select the standard economy free Shipping service for you.

SPECIAL NOTE:   Once your order is placed, you will be unable to make or request any changes to your preferred shipping method.  Therefore it is VITALLY important that you make this request at the time of purchase.  We will NOT be able to make this change for you if you call in to request a change to your preferred shipping service.

SPECIAL NOTE:   We make NO claims to, or accept ANY liability or responsibility for the delayed shipping & delivery times currently being experienced by the U.S. Postal Service.  We will NOT send ANY replacement orders simply because your package is arriving late, or later than normal for your selected shipping service.

SPECIAL NOTE:   Even if choosing an upgraded shipping service such as U.S. Priority Mail, we make absolutely NO claims, assumed, implied or otherwise, as to the promised or guaranteed delivery dates associated with that shipping service.  The ONLY claim that we make is that an Expedited Shipping Service does offer the POSSIBILITY of your order being delivered to you much sooner than it would if you were to allow for the standard shipping delivery service which we offer as "Free Standard Shipping".