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Last Updated:   April  3 rd, 2020

Now That We Have Established Our Emergency Policies, We Will IMMEDIATELY Resume
Shipment Of Paid Orders Beginning 3-26-20.  We Apologize For The Temporarily Suspended Shipments While
We Discussed Matters With Our Legal Advisors.  Thank You For Your Patience During These Extenuating Circumstances.



All new updates regarding site policies affecting payments, shipping, procedures and deliveries on this page.  Please check this page upon each new visit to our website and prior to each new purchase.  Get updates on the actions we're taking to keep both our members and staff safe during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the world and our way of life.  This seem almost surreal, like we are all watching a movie play out before our eyes, almost as if we are expecting to wake up just to learn this was all a very vivid, yet bad dream.

Unfortunately however, this is all very real, and during these uncertain times it’s important for businesses such as our to remain open; to continue to provide goods and services for our members.  Yet to remain open, we are working to find new methods and strategies to provide our services to our members while simultaneously working to keep your health and safety as our primary focus of concern.

We want you to know that we take your health and safety very seriously, and that we are doing all we can to make sure that your safety is put first.  As such, we are following the provided recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the advice of our Legal Advisors for companies such as ours, as we strive to help protect our members and our staff alike.

As we implement these newly advised health guidelines and procedures into our business structure, we will need to temporarily change our normal operating procedures and policies.  While we will for now remain open during this Pandemic,  We may at times need to limit some of the services we are able to provide, or the manner in which we are able to provide them.

As such, we are taken a variety of actions, including:


We may be quickly approaching a time when we will be unable to accept any form of mailed-in payments.  This would include personal checks, Postal Money Orders, Money Orders, Bank Checks and even cash payments.  Though we are NOT there yet, this could very soon become a reality.  If this takes place, we will provide a 48 hour notice ON THIS PAGE.  Therefore, please check this page prior to submitting each new order.

The Following Emergency Payment Policies Will Override Our Standard Policies Until Further Notice:

  • OPERATION DELAY:   We have just resumed processing orders and payments on March 26, 2020.  Prior to this date we had temporarily suspended processing orders and payments due to the uncertainty in todays current affairs.  After speaking with our legal advisor, we have decided to conclude business and resume processing orders and payments under the new guidelines found on this page.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING & PATIENCE DURING THIS TIME.

  • PROCESSING DELAY:   Effective Immediately; there will be a 3 Day isolation period for ALL mailed-in payments.  If you mail in a payment for any order during this time, your payment will be isolated for 3 Days PRIOR TO us handling or opening your payment envelope.  This will add on an ADDITIONAL 3 Day processing time to the Check / Money order Payment Policy.  After the 3 Days has elapsed, we will then process your payment which will then begin the STANDARD Payment Processing time.

  • NEW MEMBERS:   Any new members whose account has already been approved but have not yet submitted your first purchase; You will be permitted to submit your first purchase as you are now an approved member.  We do ask however that your first purchase still be paid by Postal Money Order as per our standard Membership Agreement.  Your payment will be processed in accordance with the Emergency Payment Policy as detailed above.

  • OTHER FORMS OF PAYMENT:   For now, all other forms of payment and payment options will remain as normal, and fall under our standard posted policies.  There will be no more delays on processing payments made by credit/debit cards.  Beginning on 3-26-2020 will immediately resume processing all payments for pending orders.


*We have heard rumors that the U.S. Postal Service could, or may become temporarily suspended.  As of APRIL 1, 2020, our local Rural Postal service is operating with only minor delays.  We have NOT been provided with any additional credible information to substantiate or support the Postal Service Suspension rumor as being factual.  We will be contacting our local post office DAILY so that we can stay informed in this manner.  SHOULD the U.S. Postal Service Shut Down, we will be implementing the option for digital delivery of your Layaway Agreements.  After submitting an order for Layaway, you will be able to log into your order history where you will be provided with a ONE TIME download / printer friendly link to your Layaway agreement.  You will then be able to print-off a COPY of your layaway agreement for your records.  This copy will have a "COPY" watermark written across it and will serve as your validation of your order summary and agreement policies.  Hard copies will be kept on file in our office until either AFTER the Post Office Re-Opens, or after it becomes practical and safe to once again resume mailing documents.  Once we are able to resume mailings, we will then mail ALL of your collective order documents, hard-copies, originals and free gift samples to you in a single combined shipment.

The Following Emergency Shipping Policies Will Override Our Standard Policies Until Further Notice:

  • SIGNATURE DELIVERIES:   We will be temporarily suspending the signature requirement for MOST orders in an effort to extend our safety precautions at the point of delivery.  All members be allowed to waive the signature requirement, including any members who may currently be on a SIGNATURE REQUIRED ONLY shipping restriction.  HOWEVER, by waiving signature confirmation for deliveries, such will be considered the same as actually signing for delivery acceptance!  By waiving signature confirmation you accept all liability for safe delivery of your order, and agree to hold us harmless against missing or undelivered packages.  As a result, orders will NOT be replaced should you report one was not delivered or that contents were missing from your package.  Therefore, PLEASE consider intently whether you wish to waive signature confirmations!

    To Waive Signature Confirmation:  Please indicate such in writing in the comments box AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.  We will not allow for waiver of confirmation after your order is placed.

  • ORDER SHIPMENTS:   Order dispatching and shipments will RESUME on 3-26-2020, and will continue twice weekly as normal.  HOWEVER, it needs to be made known that we have absolutely NO control over the efficiency of the Postal Service during this Pandemic.  Therefore, it should be expected that some deliveries will very likely take longer than normal to reach their destination.  Please understand that each shipment must travel through several different shipping Hubs and Postal locations prior to reaching your local Post Office.  Along the way, each Postal Office and shipping Hub can each experience their own hardships in regards to functionality, all culminating a combined decrease in shipping / delivery times.

  • SCHEDULED PICK-UPS:   For obvious reasons, we are temporarily suspending all appointments for personal pick-up of orders purchased.  As we are suspending in-person scheduled pick-ups, all orders MUST be delivered by Postal Courier using one of our available shipping options.  This policy will remain in effect until AFTER the Pandemic threat ceases to exist.


The Following Services Have Been Suspended Until Further Notice:

  • GRADING SERVICES:   We will not be offering grading services until further notice.

  • MEMBER PURCHASES:   We have suspended member purchases and will no longer be purchasing foreign or domestic banknotes, coins, gold, silver or other items from our members.  This new policy will remain in effect until further notice.

  • RETURNS:   All items are sold strictly AS IS, we will not be accepting returns or exchanges of ANY kind during the Coronavirus situation.  To ensure the safety of our health, and that of our other members, we will continue this policy for an extended period of time even AFTER the Pandemic threat ceases to exist.  Therefore it is strongly recommended that you purchase only what you know for certain what you intend to keep.

  • SCHEDULED PICK-UPS:   For obvious reasons, we are temporarily suspending all appointments for personal pick-up of orders purchased.  As we are suspending in-person scheduled pick-ups, all orders MUST be delivered by Postal Courier using one of our available shipping options.  This policy will remain in effect until AFTER the Pandemic threat ceases to exist.

  • NEW MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS:   In response to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak Pandemic, as all new members are required to submit payment for their first order in the form of Post Money Order, we have temporarily suspended new account approvals so that we may limit the risk of receiving materials which may carry the Coronavirus on their surface.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we have a duty to place the health of our existing members and our own families as our top concern and priority.