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Precious Metals Store Credit

Introducing Precious Metals Trade-In For Store Credit!
Trade In Your Gold & Silver Bars, Coins, Rounds & American Eagles!

Receive Spot Rate or BETTER In The Form of Store Credit
Which Can Then Be Used To Pay For Your Layaway Service Fees!

We Will Give You Store Credit For American Silver Eagles, Gold Bars & Rounds, Silver Bars & Rounds,
and Nearly ANY Precious Metal Graded by PCGS or NGC - And Give You Spot Rate OR BETTER!
Your Store Credit Can Be Used To Pay For Layaway Service Fees, or Any Collectible Banknote We Carry!

Members may now trade-in their American Silver Eagles, Gold & Silver Bars, Gold & Silver Rounds, and almost any precious metal professionally graded & sealed by either PCGS or NGC and receive a store credit which can be used to pay for your purchases... and your store credits NEVER expires!

This new payment option is perfect for any Member whom wishes to activate a new Layaway service, or even purchase new Banknotes but may be short on funds at the time of purchase.  There are much fewer restrictions placed on store credit received from precious metals trade-ins than store credits received form banknote trade-ins.  As a result, the purchasing power and options at your fingertips are vastly greater than with standard store credits;  Store Credits from either type of Trade-In can be accumulated, and used together in a single purchase!  You can even choose to use only a portion of your Store Credits to pay for a purchase and pay the balance with any standard form of payment, thus allowing you to spread out your Store Credits over multiple purchases.

But probably the most intriguing aspect of this new payment option, is that you can even use these new Store Credits towards discounted items, Sales and special promotional purchases! ~ There are NO limits!

To Receive Store Credit For Your Precious Metals Trade-In:   Each member must mail their precious metals to our office after placing your order online, then await inspection, purity testing, and approval.  After your precious metals are received they will be inspected for genuine authentication, loose metals will tested for content purity, and graded & slabbed items will be inspected and verified for authenticity prior to approval of your trade-in.  Once your metals are authenticated and approved, you will be notified that your account has been updated and your assigned Store Credits are available for immediate use.  Store Credits do not expire and may be used at anytime as a sole form of payment, or in combination with all other accepted forms of payment.

Authentication and approval of all precious metals is subject to our approval process, which may take anywhere between 2 to 10 business days depending on the amount of metals received, and the the time which is takes for us to receive a response from PCGS or NGC verification departments.  By submitting your precious metals for Store Credit trade-in, you hereby grant us right to conduct various testing on your metals, including but not limited to acid testing, to verify content purity.  We may, if necessary, send your graded and slabbed metals to the appropriate grading company for authentication.


  1.    Look through your collection of precious metals to determine what & how much you will be sending in, review the days current spot rate & compare it against the trade-on value chart located below to calculate your available credit to spend.

  2.    Complete your purchase online just as you normally would.  Be sure to select the 'check / money order' payment option as your preferred payment choice when completing your new order. (you may alternately chose the credit/debit card payment option if you will need to split the payment between debit card and store credit.).

  3.    Within 24 hours of completing your purchase, place your precious metals into the mail and send the package to our office address as shown below.  We will update you by email once we have received your package for examination, and again after your metals have been approved for trade-in.

  4.    Once your metals are approved for trade-in and your Store Credit amount is assigned to your account, you may then place your order if you have not done so already.  If your order has already been placed, we will then process your order as normal, and ship your order to your assigned shipping address.

  5.    You will be notified by email of any remaining store credit balance carried over form your purchase, or if any payment amount remains due on your purchase.

  6.    That's it, your trade-in and purchase is now complete. Enjoy!


How The  'Banknote Buy-Back for Store Credit'  Works...

Simply submit your new Layaway purchase through the website now, and be sure to select  "Money Order / Check"  as your chosen method of payment for your new Layaway Service.  In the comment box during check-out, be sure to indicate that you are wishing to send in your banknotes for store credit to cover the cost of the new Layaway Service purchase.  NOTE:  Be sure to indicate what kind, and how many banknotes you will be sending in for store credit.

We will contact you to confirm the number and condition of Banknotes you will be mailing in, and then activate your store credit amount in your account settings.  After confirmation we will email you a USPS shipping label with tracking for you to print off and place on the USPS Flat Rate envelope that will be used to mail us your banknotes.  NOTE:  If you do not have access to a printer, we can mail you a postage paid envelope, however this will slow down the transaction process by 5-6 calendar days.

After your banknotes are received and inspected for authenticity, the order process will continue as normal;   You will receive a notification that your  "payment"  has been approved, and another notification after your new Layaway order ships.

You are NOT required to purchase the same denomination of Layaway as the banknotes you are trading in for store credit.  In other words, you may trade in Iraqi dinar and purchase a Zimbabwe Layaway, or you may choose to trade in Zimbabwe Dollars and purchase a Vietnam Dong Layaway.  The store credit is yours to spend towards any Layaway service of your choosing.

* Special Note:  These rates are subject to change without notice.  Once rates have changed, all new store credits will be issued at the newly updated rates.  The ONLY way to secure the rate shown is to submit your buy-back purchase BEFORE the rate changes.


50,000 IQD:    $46 / Each    ($920 / Million)
25,000 IQD:    $23 / Each    ($920 / Million)
10,000 IQD:    $9 / Each    ($900 / Million)
5,000 IQD:    $4.25 / Each    ($850 / Million)

50,000 IQD:    $40 / Each    ($800 / Million)
25,000 IQD:    $20 / Each    ($800 / Million)
10,000 IQD:    $8 / Each    ($800 / Million)
5,000 IQD:    $3.75 / Each    ($750 / Million)


500,000 VND:    $25 / Each    ($50 / Million)
200,000 VND:    $18 / Each    ($45 / Million)
100,000 VND:    $9 / Each    ($45 / Million)

500,000 VND:    $20 / Each    ($40 / Million)
200,000 VND:    $14.80 / Each    ($37 / Million)
100,000 VND:    $7 / Each    ($35 / Million)


100 Trillion ZWR:    $80 / Each    ($80 / Trillion)
50 Trillion ZWR:    $30 / Each    ($60 / Trillion)
20 Trillion ZWR:    $18 / Each    ($90 / Trillion)

100 Trillion ZWR:    $70 / Each    ($70 / Trillion)
50 Trillion ZWR:    $20 / Each    ($40 / Trillion)
20 Trillion ZWR:    $14 / Each    ($70 / Trillion)