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Introducing, Our Refer-A-Friend Program...

You have been so good to us, that we are rewarding you for each new customer that you refer to Cheapest Dinar that makes a qualifying purchase.

Here's How The program works:

You refer a new customer to Cheapest Dinar and that person mentions your name in the "comment box" when making their first purchase, that purchase will count towards your referral point rewards. Your referred friend MUST mention your name when making their VERY FIRST PURCHASE. Mentions of you as the referral AFTER a person makes a purchase, or on any purchase after their first purchase will not be validated for your referral points.

When your referral makes their FIRST purchase for a Lay-Away, you will get 30% of their purchase price as rewards points. If your referred person makes a purchase of $300.00 on their first purchase, and remembers to mention your name int he comment box, then you will receive 30 rewards points to use on any item listed on our website. You may refer as many friends as you like and each persons first qualifying purchase will earn you rewards points towards your next qualifying purchase. Rewards points are distributed 45 days after the date they were earned on. If you believe you have earned rewards points for referrals, please call our office to have us update your account with your rewards points.

Example: You refer Joe to Cheapest Dinar and Joe comes to our website to make a Lay-Away Purchase. Joe Spends $100.00 on Dinar Lay-Away for his first purchase. You would get 30% of Joe's purchase price to use as rewards points towards your next purchase. Thus if you spent $100.00 on your next purchase, your balance due would be $70.00 because of your 30% rewards points from Joe's purchase.


  • Store Rewards are awarded 45 days AFTER a qualifying purchase
  • Rewards can not be used to pay for more than 10% of a currency purchase
  • Rewards can not be deducted from office staff, for mail-in payments.
  • You MUST complete your purchase online to use your rewards credits.
  • Rewards can NOT accumulate to a negative balance due at payment
  • Rewards do NOT have a monetary value or cash exchange value
  • Store Rewards have NO expiration date


Our security firmware records each clients IP Address at the time of purchase, for each transaction made, as well as the IP address for each visitor of the website while browsing. To be eligible for the referral program, each account must be created under a unique IP address, indicating the the accounts are truly separate and not created from the same household or residency.

Orders created from or originated from the same IP address, rather they have different mailing addresses or not, will be assumed to be created from the same residency because of the same IP address relativity. Therefore, any orders created from or originating with the same IP address will be hereby excluded from eligibility from this referral program. Under no circumstances, or for any reasons will this policy be negotiated for any client.