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New Members


We Are NOT Currently Accepting New Members At This Time.

In response to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak Pandemic, as all new members are required to submit payment for their first order in the form of Post Money Order, we have temporarily suspended new account approvals so that we may limit the risk of receiving materials which may carry the Coronavirus on their surface.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we have a duty to place the health of our existing members and our own families as our top concern and priority.  These are extenuating circumstances and times that we are living in, and they therefore call for extenuating measures to ensure health and safety of our members and loved ones alike.

You may still create an account on the website, However, we will still NOT be approving new accounts until further notice.

Thank you in advance for your understanding of this matter.

This Policy Remain In Effect Until AFTER A Considerable Amount Of Time Has Elapsed From
The Threat Of COVID-19 Ceasing To Exist, Or Until Further Notice.

Product prices for goods and services provided on this website are reserved for active members ONLY.  We do not allow phone-in orders, nor will we provide prices over the phone.  Inquiries regarding phone-in price information will be directed back to the website for account creation and price posting policies.

PLEASE NOTE:  Memberships will be reviewed and approved in the order in which they were received.  As we have not accepted new memberships for several months now, it is VERY likely that we will not make it to your account if you have recently applied.  Please continue to be patient, we will eventually review your account and notify you by email once a decision has been made.


So, you'd like to create a new account and make some purchases from our website?   Well, you're not alone, and we would love to have you as a valued member!  But there are a couple of things we need to go over before we get to that...

We are now a Members Only Website.  Membership is Free Of charge with truly zero fees, zero dues, and never a fee of any kind associated with being a member.  However, because we are now a Members Only Website, the prices of our products and services are reserved exclusively for approved members.  We no longer allow for phone-in orders, not even for approved members , and therefore all purchases must now be completed through the website.  You must have an approved account to gain access to our prices and be approved to make purchases.

Over the last several months we have been experiencing a rather large spike in the number member applicants who are creating accounts from geographical locations which we do not provide our services, as well as some applications who are submitting information on their membership application which our system automatically rejects when detected.  This has increased our workload as we now have to manually make corrections to accounts who have entered in their information incorrectly.

In an attempt to help us regulate this added workload, we have begun to limit the number of new accounts that we approve for membership.  All new accounts will be submitted through a review process before they will be approved for purchasing.  This review process allows us to come to know our customers and to verify the accuracy of the account information provided at the time of account creation.  After you create a new membership account, you will need to wait for a series of two verification emails before you will be authorized to see prices and make purchases.  These emails are further explained below.

We have implemented some new procedures for creating and verifying all new membership accounts.  These new procedures are designed to ensure that all new membership applicants complete the account application process correctly, and provide accurate and factual information at the time of account creation.  During account creation, each person is presented with access links to our Terms Of service, and Conditions Of Use policies of this website, and are strongly encouraged to review said policies prior to creating their account.

Because we must now manually review each and every new request for membership, many of you are unfortunately experiencing longer than normal delays in the time it takes for your account to be approved.  We apologize for this delay, and we know it is frustrating for obvious reasons.  To help us expedite the account review process and have your account approved in a more timely fashion, we ask that you please carefully read the instructions listed on the account creation page, and follow those instructions closely, and precisely.  Carefully following the instructions listed for each step will significantly decrease the time it takes for us to review and approve your membership, and greatly increase your chances of having your account approved for membership.

We Do NOT Accept Members From The Following Geographical Locations:
Arkansas, Illinois, Texas, Utah, Washington D.C., Washington State, or ANY Location Outside Of The U.S.A.
If You Live In Any One Of These Areas, Your Membership Request Will Unfortunately Be Denied.


On the next page you will be asked to enter in your account information such as your name, email address, phone number etc.  In each section you will find a quick set of instructions on the precise information needed for your account to be approved.  Be sure to read each section carefully, and to submit the information exactly as it is requested.  Incorrect submission of this information can actually cause your application to be automatically rejected by our system.  If you need any help or assistance creating an account, please feel free to contact our office during regular posted business hours, we will be more than happy to assist you and walk you through the process.

After you submit your application for a new account, you will receive a "Welcome Email" welcoming you to the Cheapest Dinar Team.  If you have created your account successfully, this email should arrive to your inbox within about 10 to 15 minutes of completing your registration.  If you have not seen this email after 30 minutes, please check your email spam folder to see if it had been filtered by your email provider.  (set the email to "Safe Sender List" if it is in your spam folder).  This first email will welcome you to the team, but it will also provide you with the expected time calculation of how long you will need to wait for your account to be approved.

Be Sure To Watch For These emails!  New accounts are approved on a strictly First Come, First Served basis.  It is important to watch for these emails as they will highlight the expected waiting period (number of days) before your account will be reviewed.  Because accounts are reviewed on a First Come, First Serve basis, therefore this waiting period is a requirement, and your patience is appreciated.

After We Review Your Account:  We will send a second email informing you on the status of your membership.  If your membership is approved, this second email will include a list of our Membership Policies and our Terms Of Service agreement.  This second email will also include a more detailed explanation about who we are, and what you as a new member can can expect from us as a collectible currency and hobbyist company.  Also included in this email will be a very important activation link that you will need to click on to activate your membership account.  This link will take you to a ONE-TIME login page.  You will NOT be able to make purchases until you have clicked this link and logged into your account through this account activation page.

WE CAN ONLY SEND THE EMAIL WITH THE ACTIVATION LINK ONE TIME.  Therefore it is important that you watch for this email, and then thoroughly read the policies inside this email once you receive it.  Be sure to click the button shown below on this page once you're ready to submit your membership application to join the Cheapest Dinar Team.

Click This Button To Submit Your Member Application