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Auto Renewal Layaway

Zimbabwe 100 trillions in stock


COUPON CODE:   Layaway20
* Save 20% off your layaway orders with Auto-Renewal

This Coupon Code Is Restricted For Use With Layaway Purchases That Will Be Set Up On AUTOMATIC Recurring Billing.  You WILL Be REQUIRED To Complete Our Payment Authorization Form & Return The Form To Our Office Within 14 Days (2 weeks) From Your Date Of Purchase.  If You Do Not Return The Required Form Within This Time, Your Layaway Order WILL BE CANCELLED And Become VOID In It's Entirety!  Refunds For Voided Layaway Will NOT Be Given, So Be Sure To Complete This Form & PROMPTLY Return It To Our Office.

Your Auto-Renewals will automatically bill, process and ship out each and every billing cycle without you needing to take the time to do anything whatsoever!  Each billing cycle your order will automatically renew on the last day of your previous order, ensuring that you never have a lapse in your layaway orders.  The payment authorization form will be mailed along with your first order.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Use of this coupon REQUIRES that you agree to use our Auto-Renewal Service for at least two (2) full billing cycles.  If your Auto_renewal Layaway is for 60 days, then you will be required to use this service two - 60 Day layaway billing cycles.  Your first billing cycle will begin the day you make your first purchase using this coupon code.

But What If You Want To Cancel?  Then simply cancel... No problem!  You can cancel your auto-renewal at anytime after your second auto-renewal payment.  This isn't a contract, and you're not obligated in any capacity to continue your auto-renewals beyond the second billing cycle.  As long as we receive your requested cancellation within 36 hours prior to your next automated billing date, your order will be cancelled and you will not be charged for that billing cycle.  If you cancel your reorder billing after the 36 hour window however, your re-billing will be charged that billing cycle, and your cancellation would be applied the following billing cycle.