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ALL - May  5-30-24 @ 11:59pm

Trade-In Banknotes For 50% EXTRA Buying Power Towards Layaways

All Banknote Trade-Ins Will Receive
1 & Half Times Normal Buying Power Towards NEW Layaway Services!

** BONUS:  ALL New Layaway Orders
Will Be DOUBLED During This Sale

Even Orders Paid With Credit Cards & Money Orders !

  •   Trade-In Your Dinar, Dong & Zimbabwe Banknotes In Any Combination & Receive Store Credit To Apply Towards Purchase of Any New Layaway Service!
  •   Banknote Trade-Ins Receive Extra 50% Buying Power Towards Layaway Services!
      ~ Example:  $100 in banknote buy-backs is worth $150 store credit
      ~ Example:  $200 in banknote buy-backs is worth $300 store credit
      ~ Example:  $500 in banknote buy-backs is worth $750 store credit

  •   ALL Layaway Orders Will Be DOUBLED - Regardless of how you pay For the order!
      ~ Example:  Buy 2 Layaways, Receive 4 Layaway
      ~ Example:  Buy 4 Layaways, Receive 8 Layaway

  •   No Discount Codes Needed – Everything Is Marked Down

ALL Payment Types Will Receive DOUBLE ORDERS!

If Your Order Doesn't Ship Within 3 Business Days of Cleared Payment, It's FREE!

That's Right, We Have 3 Business Days After Payment To Ship Your Order,
Or It's
FREE  ~ AND  Your Store Credit Remains In Your Account!


Trade in any combination of your Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, or Zimbabwe banknotes, and receive store credit for your trade-in.  If you trade-in $100 worth of banknotes, you will receive $150 in store credit.  If you trade-in $500 worth of banknotes, then you will receive $750 in store credit.  (store credit NEVER expires / store credit valid towards Layaway purchases only).  Use your store credit towards any NEW Layaway service purchase.  When your order is placed, we will double your layaway order, just like a 2 for 1 special, except you're getting 1 and a half times the normal buying power which is far better than any 2 for 1 deal.

Simply select the new Layaway services you wish to buy, then calculate the amount of Store Credit needed to pay for your new Layaway order using the Banknotes Buy-Back table (link posted below).  Next, complete your purchase online and select the "Check / Money Order" payment option on the payment page.  In the comment box during the check-out process, indicate that you are paying with banknotes and we will email you the amount due to confirm pricing with your own calculations.

Lastly, simply complete your purchase as normal, then mail your banknotes to our office to get your store credit.  (address below) After we receive your banknotes, we will then process your new Layaway order and mail your new Layaway order to you as normal.

Guardian Svcs
3450 South Street
Box #:   4111
Lafayette, Indiana 47905

To See Buy-Back Rates:  CLICK HERE

~ Happy Shopping!


Coupons codes listed for this Sale, are authorized for use ONLY! with this sale.  Coupon codes from this sale may not be used for any purchase other than purchases made during this Sale!  Pre-existing coupon codes, store credits, store rewards points, auto-renewal discounts, special group pricing, and/or other previously issued, privately offered or special agreement pricing discounts of any kind, will NOT be authorized for use during this sale.  The ability to use coupon codes has been turned off during this sale.

We Are Once Again Experiencing Misuse Of Renewal Codes.  Any and All Renewal Coupon Codes offered as part of a sale or promotional bonus incentive through this or any other sale, are restricted for use of renewing purchases made ONLY during the specific sale for which the renewal codes were issued.  Again, sale renewal coupon codes are NOT authorized for use with any purchase other than the specific renewal of a sale purchase made during this sale.  When renewing your order from THIS SALE, you NAY use the discounted sale renewal code.  You MAY add additional layaway to your sale renewal order to take advantage of additional savings.  However, you MUST renew your entire original sale purchase which must include all layaway in your original sale purchase, making sure to not remove any layaway included in your original purchase. 

All standard sale policies will apply to this sale event.  It is the responsibility of the Member to know what those sale policies are, and how they affect your purchases.  All sale policies are made readily available for your convenience, we will NO LONGER offer any bending of rules or exceptions to said policies.  ALL Sale Policies Are Located On This Page.

If you have a coupon code from a previous sale that you would like to use INSTEAD OF partaking in this Sale Event, follow the instructions here to make your purchase.   First, please your order as you normally would, making sure to ignore the Sale Event prices (we will adjust those for you later).  When completing your purchase, leave a message in the comment box that you would prefer to use a different eligible coupon code.  Next, be sure to type that coupon code into the message box, then proceed to payment.  PLEASE NOTE:  DO NOT enter your coupon code into the discount code box, you MUST type it into the comment box.   We will manually adjust your price when processing your payment. The price you see on the payment page is NOT the price you will be billed for your order!  We will first remove the sale discount, and then apply your coupon code discount when we process your payment.

Unless specifically stated otherwise and indicated with "*" next to items named below, all precious metals offered as free bonuses with this sale, will be genuine and pure in content.  All silver bars, rounds, shot (pellets) and coins will have a silver content of no less than 0.999% fine silver.  All American Silver Eagles are guaranteed to be genuine and authentic ASE's issued by the US Mint.  All Gold bars are guaranteed to be genuine and authentic gold with a purity rating of 24K gold.  All copper bars, rounds, shot (pellets) and coins will have a copper content of no less than 0.999% pure copper.


  • Renewals may be activated/renewed anytime BEFORE the expiration date of your longest running Layaway.
  • Renewals MUST be renewed NO LATER THAN the Expiration Date of your longest running Layaway.
  • If you do not make a purchase during this sale, you will NOT be authorized to use the renewal coupon code.
  • Your "Order Number" of your purchase made during the sale, will be your renewal "Authorization Number".
  • When renewing your purchase, you MUST write this "order number" in the comment box during check-out.
  • Renewal orders WILL include all Bonus Layaways you received as bonus matching layaways included with your sale purchase.
  • Renewal orders will NOT include Gold, Silver, Copper, Tv, or exact currency amounts that were included in original purchase.
  • Renewed orders will include ONLY your specified matching layaway, and any regularly advertised free sample currencies.
  • The 50% renewal discount offer will be deducted from our normal item price, not the sale discount price.
  • Renewal orders MUST include the exact items purchased in your original sale purchase.  While you may add additional layaway services to any renewed order, you may not exclude any item that was originally purchased.


You may use either a coupon code, select an already discounted item, or use a VIP Buyers discount (if you have one), but you may NOT use both.  If a purchase is submitted with more than one type of discount, we reserve the right to correctly adjust the price of your purchase, removing any incorrectly submitted discounts before we process your payment.

Coupon codes, store credits, store rewards points, recurring order discounts, special group pricing, and other private or special agreement pricing discounts are NOT authorized for use towards the purchase of already discounted prices.  You may choose only one type of discount to apply for any purchase made during a sale, non-sale purchase.  Members who benefit from Group Pricing Discounts, or VIP Pricing will NOT be authorized to use those discounts with this sale.  Your Group / VIP discounts will be deactivated during this sale to prevent double discount purchases.  Once the sale is over, all previously authorized pricing structures will be automatically reinstated, and continue as long as your purchasing requirements for those discounts are met each calendar month.

The bonus coupon code given to qualifying purchases form this sale, may not be used to apply to this sale or the renewal of purchases from this sale.  use of the bonus coupon code is subject to all policies regarding coupon codes and discounts.  The bonus coupon code is good towards the purchase of layaway services ONLY, and may not be applied to any portion of any purchase which is not a purchase of a layaway service.  No other discount of any-kind, including store credits may be used together on any one single purchase.  No more than one discount of any-kind, including bonus credits, coupons, and to include but not be limited to store credits and VIP discounts may be applied to the same purchase.  Only one type of discount may be applied to any one purchase at a time.  You may not incur a negative balance by using coupon codes, and Cheapest Dinar/Guardian Svcs/banknote Pros shall not be made financially liable or responsible or required to make a payment to any purchasing member should the use of a coupon code or store rewards points make your payment negative towards a purchase.

The coupon codes on this page are to be used only in connection with the purchase of Layaway services.  These coupons codes are not authorized for use with currency purchases, precious metal purchases, appraising services, or any other goods or service we offer or sell.  Layaway services and currencies will each have their own respective discounts during any promotional event or sale that we offer on this website.  Not all currencies are on sale during a sale event.  Currencies that are on sale will have their prices already discounted and marked down within their listing on this website and no coupon codes will be needed to see those discounts. 

Because of the coast associated with us purchasing Gold, Silver and Copper, we mus enforce strict purchasing requirements when considering the price levels for offering precious metals as a bonus gift for purchases.
EXAMPLE:  If the price level requirement to receive 1 grain of Gold is a minimum purchase of $150, and your order total comes to $149.99, then unfortunately you would NOT qualify for the 1 grain of Gold bonus gift.  In an effort to keep all sale bonuses fair for all members, and because of the high prices of precious metals, we will NOT be able to bump up your bonuses to the next level regardless of how close your purchase price is to the next bonus level.  If you wish to receive the bonuses from the next bonus level, you will need to add additional items to your purchase in order to qualify for the bonuses within that next bonus level.

We reserve the right to substitute any electronic gift or bonus based on inventory, pricing fluctuations, and merchant availability.  We reserve the right to substitute any Tv or Alexa Echo Dot for other available brands, or similar sizes, depending on merchant availability.  While we will make all reasonable attempts to secure the advertised Tv or Alexa Echo Dot size and brand, ultimately the size and brand are not promised and are subject to merchant availability at the time of purchase.  The free Tv or Alexa Echo Dot bonus is not eligible for for gift substitution, and no substitute gifts may be requested by the member.  The free Tv Alexa Echo Dot gift has no cash exchange value, No gift exchange authorization, and may not be returned to us for a refund or for in store/website credit.  Cheapest Dinar, its owners, vendors, employees and/or agents are not responsible for warranty issues and/or claims associated with the functionality, or workmanship any Tv gift/bonus.  Cheapest Dinar shall not be held liable for any defects or breakage that may occur once the Tv Alexa Echo Dot is in your possession and has been successfully delivered to your location.

A "Gift Receipt" will be included with the delivery of your Tv Alexa Echo Dot, and any claims, questions, concerns, comments, warranty issues, workmanship issues/concerns, and/or requests for returns shall be handled directly with the retailer who is listed as the merchant on the gift receipt.  Cheapest Dinar shall in no way be held accountable, financially liable or responsible for any defects with your Tv Alexa Echo Dot, or any additional services or features required for use of such, and you hereby agree to hold us completely harmless against such.  It is the members responsibility to provide an accurate delivery address at the time of check-out, and to make all arrangement efforts to be available for acceptance of delivery.  We are responsible for only one attempted of delivery of any Tv Alexa Echo Dot to be made at our expense.  If the Tv Alexa Echo Dot is returned to us for ANY reason other than our error of shipping address, then the member shall be responsible for second attempt delivery charges and all applicable fees.  NO Tv Alexa Echo Dot will be shipped without tracking, and secured delivery with Photo I.D. restricted delivery service, even in the case of a second attempt delivery being required.  We are not responsible for other persons at your location signing for and/or accepting delivery of your Tv Alexa Echo Dot.  Once the TV Alexa Echo Dot has been delivered and signed for, it shall be considered to have been delivered to you, the member whom was to receive the delivery.  Under no circumstances will we replace any TV Alexa Echo Dot that was delivered to your registered address because of someone other than yourself having signed for the delivery of such.

If you purchase layaway services and physical currency in a single transaction and use a coupon code for your sale discount, the website will not accurately adjust the pricing for your purchase, and will incorrectly apply the layaway discount coupon to your currency purchase.  As a result, we will manually adjust the final sale price of your order to reflect the accurate pricing discounts prior to processing your payment.  The coupon code discount will be applied only towards your layaway service, and your final balance due will reflect this adjustment.  If you are paying by Check, or Money Order, we will email you the correct amount due for your purchase so that you may submit the correct payment.  If you are paying by Credit/Debit card, the final price of your purchase will be adjusted on our end before we process your payment.  This new balance will will be reflected on your billing statement from your bank, and will be emailed to your with in a confirmation email.  Credit/Debit card payments for physical currency purchases will incur a 4% processing fee that will be added to your purchase total AFTER any sales discounts are applied.

ADDITIONALLY, The bonus ayway orders included with sale purchases are considered as free gifts and are exclusive for the order in which they are attached at the time of purchase.  These bonus layaway are included with renewal purchases, only when that renewal purchase is part of the sale agreement.  Whenever an order is renewed past the the sale offer number or renewals, the Bonus Layaway are no longer to be included with those continued renewals.  EXAMPLE:  If your sale order offers two (2) renewals, and you choose to renewal your purchase a third time, then on the third renewal your bonus layaway shall not longer be included in your purchase.

IQD = Iraqi Dinar
VND = Vietnamese Dong
= Zimbabwe Dollar
CNY = Chinese Yuan
INR = India Rupee