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Payment Policies

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Updated on July 29th, 2018


In compliance with the "Know your Customer" regulations, we reserve the right to request photo-identification from any of our members, at any time, and for any type of purchase or purchase amount.  This policy will now also apply to purchases of $500 USD or more in a single purchase, or in multiple purchases with a combined value of $1,000 USD or more in any 30 day rolling calendar month.  This policy is an attempt to prevent fraudulent purchases and money laundering in compliance with the "Know Your Customers" regulations.  Failure to comply with any such request for photo-ID verification may result in your transaction being declined and your membership account being permanently suspended.

To become photo-ID verified you must either mail or email a photo-copy of the front and back of your State issued Drivers license or government issue photo-identification card.  To submit a copy of your photo-identification,  SUBMIT HERE

Before making a purchase from this website, please remember there is minimum purchase requirement of $20 USD per transaction.  Transactions made under the $20 minimum purchase amount will incur a Low Order Fee of $6.50 per transaction.  We charge this Low Order Fee to accommodate the Free Shipping service to ensure that your purchase will cover the cost of processing and shipping.  The Low Order Fee will show in your shopping cart during check-out.

We are a Members Only Website.  There are no fees associated with becoming a member, however your account must be approved before you will be permitted to make purchases or view our pricing.  You may apply for membership on the "New Members" page of the website.  All orders must be placed online as we do not accept phone-in orders, not even for approved members.  Additionally, prices will NOT be disclosed by phone.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARD CHARGE-BACKS:  Any Member, regardless of previous Membership standing, whom files a charge-back on any purchase made without first exhausting every reasonable attempt to resolve any dispute or grievance with us directly, will be subject to account suspension.  If you have a dispute with any purchase made through your account, we strongly encourage you to contact us by phone and attempt to resolve the issue before you file a payment charge-back dispute with your bank or Credit card Company.  If you have already received your merchandise and proceed to file a payment charge back without first attempting to contact us directly to resolve any issues, your charge-back will be viewed as theft of our products and we will pursue legal action against you accordingly.

* Newly Updated July 29th, 2018  --->|

NEW CUSTOMERS:  The maximum payment for currency purchases for new customers when using credit/debit card is $100 USD per transaction in any 30 rolling calendar days.  This payment limit policy affects all new members with accounts less than one year old, or with less than 6 previous purchases, whichever is greater.  New customers wishing to submit larger purchases may do so by submitting a Cashier's check or US Postal Money order for the entire purchase amount.

APPROVED CUSTOMERS:  The maximum currency purchase which can be paid using credit/debit card for established members is $500 USD per single transaction every 30 calendar days.  Approved members, you may make a new currency purchase of up to $500 USD value every 30 calendar days.  To make a larger purchase you must first request a payment authorization agreement, which we will send to you via USPS mail service.  You must fill in the information on the payment authorization agreement and return it to our office prior to your payment being processed.  A new payment authorization agreement will be required for each additional currency purchase.  There are no limits to the number of purchases you may submit when using the payment authorization agreement.

You and you alone assume all legal responsibility and accountability for your membership account.  This includes the information provided within your account details, as well as any and all purchases submitted through your account.  We strongly urge against members allowing other persons be it friends or family members, to make purchases through your account or to conduct a purchase on their behalf.  Even in the event that you utilize a third parties credit/debit card, check or money order to pay for a purchase made for another person, you will still be held liable and responsible for the payment of that purchase.  If you allow a purchase to be made through your account which uses another persons method of payment and that person later files a charge-back resulting in a reversal of said payment, YOU WILL be held legally accountable for that payment reversal, regardless of your knowledge of said reversal.  By allowing another person to use your account or utilizing another persons credit/debit card for payments made through your account, you hereby acknowledge your understanding of this policy and by proceeding with such you hereby signify your willingness to accept full legal and financial responsibility for said purchase.

|<--- * End of newly updated information


  • Maximum standard currency purchase limit is $1,000 USD / Transaction, or $3,000 USD / Month
  • Orders paid by personal check OVER $500 USD in any single transaction:  You will be required to provide photo-identification prior to your payment being processed.   Submit Documents Here
  • Members who wish to make purchases over $3,000 may do so by requesting authorization for bulk purchasing.
  • Members who wish to place large orders in excess of $10,000 USD in a single transaction, will be REQUIRED to provide the following information PRIOR to ordering:   (We will not even provide a quote until funds availability has been verified)
    1).   Provide a copy of valid State/Government issued Photo-Identification.
    2).   A Bank issued verification of funds financial statement.
    3).   Submit a transaction summary report.  (written explanation of intended use for your purchase)
    4).   Submit an official document showing proof of address residency.
       Accepted Documents;  Utility bill, Loan Document, Bank / Financial Institution records.  (address portions only for any document)<
       Documentation must show your same address on file as used for your shipping/billing address.
       If you are using a Utility bill, the document must have your name and the same address used for shipping your purchase and issuing payment.  If you use a bank document, the document must be issued by the same bank you are issuing payment your purchase and issuing shipping address for delivery.
  • Credit/Debit Card Payments:  Credit/ Debit card payments will NOT be accepted for payments totaling more than $1,000 USD for banknote or merchandise purchases.  We reserve the right to request a Payment Authorization Form be completed prior to you payment being processed for any purchase of any amount for physical banknotes or precious metal bullion.  A new payment authorization form may be required for each new purchase.  Forms are sent to you by U.S. Mail, and the original form must be returned to us BEFORE your payment will be processed.
  • We reserve the right to cancel ANY order for which payment has not yet been processed, including layaway orders.
  • Payments will NOT be deposited for processing until ALL payment requirements have been satisfied in their entirety.
  • Payments will NOT be considered "RECEIVED" until AFTER all of the necessary requirements have been satisfied AND we have successfully deposited your payment for processing.
  • Layaway orders expiration dates will NOT be extended for ANY period of time because of incomplete payment requirements.  Members are expected to have all requirements satisfied prior to their payment expiration date.  This shall include instances where payments have been received, but not processed due to incomplete payment requirements.


To See The Layaway / Flexpay Payment Policies,  CLICK HERE

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   *For approved purchases ONLY!

  • U.S. Post Office Money Orders
  • Personal checks from US based Banks*
  • Cashiers Checks from US based Banks
  • Credit/Debit Cards* - Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover
  • We do NOT accept PayPal,  however we  DO  accept PayPal credit/debit cards

*  MUST be pre-authorized to purchase currency when paying with credit/debit card.
*  MUST be pre-authorized to purchase currency when using a personal check.
*  May pay for purchases using ONLY Postal Money Orders,  and Certified Bank Checks


Make Payable To:   Guardian Svcs.
Payment Clearing Time:   1-2 Business Days
Currency Processing Fee:   None
Returned Payment Fee:   None
Restrictions:   Postal Money Orders may be used to pay for any purchase.
Purchase Limit:   $1,000 per 24 hour day,  AND  $1,000 per money order
  (orders over $3,000 / require photo-ID verification)


U.S. Postal Money Orders may be purchased at any U.S. Post office, and are available in amounts UP TO $1,000 USD / ea.  If your order total is more than $1,000 USD, simply purchase multiple money orders to cover the total cost of your purchase.  Postal money Orders do REQUIRE a payment clearing time of 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS.  Clearing times do NOT include Holidays or weekends.  Purchases over $3,000 in a 30 day period may be subject to photo-ID verification.

*  Write your Transaction Order # in the lower left Memo Field of your money order
*  Do NOT include any additional details, ONLY your Order #
*  Make payable to:  Guardian Svcs.

Zimbabwe Sold Here PERSONAL  CHECKS:

Make Payable To:   Guardian Svcs.
Payment Clearing Time:   7-10 BUSINESS Days
Currency Processing Fee:   None
Returned Payment Fee:   $25.00 USD
Restrictions:   Approval required for currency purchases over $1,000 USD
Purchase Limit:   $1,000 per 24 hour day,  or  $3,000 per calendar month
    (orders over $3,000 / require photo-ID verification)


Personal checks my be submitted by any member to pay for any type of purchase.  However, Personal check payments do REQUIRE a minimum payment clearing time of no less than 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS.  Clearing times do NOT include Holidays or weekends.  The payment clearing time is non-negotiable, even if you select rush processing.  If you choose to pay by personal check, please be willing to accept this policy.  Purchases over $3,000 in a 30 day period may be subject to photo-ID verification.

*  Write your Order # in the lower left Memo Field of your check
*  Do NOT include any additional details, ONLY your Order #
*  Make payable to:  Guardian Svcs.

Ready Wise survival food CREDIT  /  DEBIT  CARD  PAYMENTS:

Billing Statement Will Show:   Guardian Services.
Payment Clearing Time:   1-2 BUSINESS Days
Currency Purchase Processing Fee:   4% of purchase total
Returned Payment Fee:   N/A
Restrictions:   Currency Purchase-Payments authorized for approved members ONLY!
Purchase Limit:   $600 per transaction,  larger payments will be split
Purchase Limit:   $500 per transaction,  for currency purchases


Credit / Debit Cards may be used to pay for any layaway service, novelty item, shipping upgrade fees or any other non-currency purchase.  You must have a pre-approved account to pay for currency purchases using a Credit/Debit Card.  Transactions which use a Credit/Debit Card to pay for currency purchases will incur a 4% payment processing fee which will be added to your order total AFTER check-out.  Card payments will REQUIRE a 1-2 BUSINESS DAY payment processing time, which does NOT include Holidays or weekends.  The payment clearing time is non-negotiable, even for long-term members.  Please remember that your billing statement will show your transaction billed from,  GUARDIAN SERVICES.

ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY:  Filing a charge-back against ANY purchase without having first exhausted all reasonable attempts of communicating directly with us to resolve any issue you may have, will be deemed as theft of your purchase.  We have experienced some members filing charge-backs after claiming to not have recognized the "Bill From" name on their card statement... You have been officially notified of the billing statement information, therefore this excuse for a charge-back will not be accepted, nor tolerated.  Charge-backs are very harmful to our company, and are also very expensive for us to endure.  Too many charge-backs can even result in us losing the ability to accept online payments.  It is for this reason that we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding charge-backs!

If for ANY reason you file a charge-back, we reserve the right to permanently suspend your authorization to use Credit/Debit cards for payment of future purchases.  If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us to resolve any issue you may have PRIOR to filing a charge-back.


Effective Immediately; we will no longer offer "back room", or personal coupon codes to individuals.  While we do appreciate those of you whom have been a member for an extended period of time, we ask that you consider that we have many other members whom have also been with us for an extended period of time.  If we offer an exclusive or private discount to one member, then it would be unfair to not offer that same discount to members whom have been with us longer than yourself.  Therefore, to keep things fair among everyone, we have made any and all available discounts and coupon codes equally accessible to all members.  Any available coupon codes will be provided on the page titled, "Coupon Codes".  There will be no other coupon codes listed or made available other than what is displayed on the coupon code page.

All coupon codes will be listed with specific set of instructions, restrictions, and policies associated with that specific coupon code.  When using a coupon code, you must be sure to use it according to the posted guidelines and restrictions associated with that individual coupon code.  We reserve the right to cancel your entire purchase if/when you use a coupon code towards any purchase which it was not authorized for use with.

The discount received from a coupon code or store rewards points will NOT apply to services such as; Add-on Shipping Fees, Rush Processing Fees, Credit/Debit Card Currency Processing Fees, and/or any other type of add-on service, custom fee, or charge that is not considered to be part of our "Product Inventory" prices.

You may choose only one type of discount to apply to any single purchase made.  If you use any two or more combinations of discounts including VIP discounts, Sale Prices, and/or Coupon Codes in any single purchase, we reserve the right at our discretion to adjust the price of your purchase to reflect only one discount, or to cancel your purchase entirely.  If we adjust the price of your purchase, then the price will be adjusted to reflect whichever method offers the greatest approved discount.

If you purchase a layaway service and physical currency together in a single transaction while using a coupon code that is authorized only towards layaway services, the website will incorrectly apply the coupon code to your entire transaction.  If this happens, we reserve the right to manually adjust the final purchase price of your order to reflect the accurate price discounts prior to us processing your payment.

If you are paying by Check or Money Order and use an unauthorized coupon code or discount, we will email you the correct payment amount due for your transaction so that you may submit the correct payment for your purchase.  If you are paying by Credit/Debit card, the final price of your purchase will be adjusted on your account before we process your payment.  The new balance will be reflected on your card billing statement, and copy will also be emailed to you with in a payment confirmation email.


Store Credit/Rewards Restrictions:

  • Store credits may not be earned from any purchase that is made using store credits.
  • Store credits may not be redeemed through mail-in/phone-in purchases.
  • In order to use a store credit to pay towards your purchase, you MUST complete your purchase and payment online
  • Store credits MUST be applied at the time of check-out.  Orders with instructions to deduct store credits from your purchase will be ignored, and your payment will be processed without the store credit being applied.
  • Store credits can only be awarded after a successful delivery of your purchased items.
  • Store Credits will be available in your account AFTER 45 days from your date of qualifying purchase.
  • You may not use more than $200 in store credits towards the purchase of currency in any 30 Day calendar period.

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* Sorry, but we do NOT accept Paypal