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Zimbabwe Dollar History

History of The Zimbabwe Dollar Currency...

Introducing the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar banknote, abbreviated as 100T ZWD.  The 100 Trillion ZWD banknote is the largest denomination of paper currency to ever be printed!  The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) first issued the Zimbabwe Dollar AA series in 2008, followed by the AB, AC, AD, AE, ZA series banknotes, with a total of 27 different denominations, including this 100 Trillion dollar banknote shown here.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe printed the high denomination banknotes of Millions and Billions to combat the countries hyper inflation.  The Hyper-inflation was the result of economic collapse due to corruption within the government, resulting in a lack of confidence in the currency.  In a failed attempt to combat the inflation, the government began printing even higher denominations of Trillion Dollar banknotes, leading to even more inflation.  In a desperate attempt to save their economic infrastructure, a massive land redistribution was undertaken to boost farming in hopes of increasing the countries wealth.  This too back-fired as the the land was given to inexperienced farmers, and people wealthy enough to bribe the land contracts from the government, bringing about the total collapse of the Zimbabwe Dollar.

The Zimbabwe Dollar was eventually demonetized in 2015 after years of fighting Hyper-Inflation.  Zimbabwe now relies on the currencies of other countries such as the Japanese Yen, India Rupee, Chinese Yuan, and the U.S. Dollar for commerce and trade.  Though it is no longer a monetized currency, the collectible value of the Zimbabwe Dollar has increased over 2,000% since its demonetization in 2015, making it a highly sought after collectible banknote by collectors world-wide.  Today, it is almost certain that collectors of foreign currency have at least heard of the Zimbabwe Dollar, and most have likely added it to their collection.