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US Banknotes

Collecting US Paper Banknotes is a unique hobby, unlike any other hobby of collecting in the world.  With the history of the Banknotes, and various banknotes being so vast, and having had so many variations of US currency throughout history, there is an unlimited variation of US banknotes that can be added to anyone's collection.  From Star Notes, Gold Seals, Silver Certificates, Black Eagles, to Gas Pump Errors, and rare, large size US banknotes, there is truly enough to keep the avid collector busy for years.

There exists such a broad selection of US banknotes, historical notes, error notes and limited edition prints, that there is literally a collection variety of US currency for every type of collector, with every type off budget.  Th hobby of collecting US currency is one of the best hobbies of "collection", and provides the best rewards to those who collect for the long term. Unlike sports cards, coins, and comic books; paper money hasn't really had any 'speculative' booms. The hobby has been around for decades, and isn't going away anytime soon.

While we are certainly not the largest of US currency dealers, we like to think that what currency we do offer, is of a highly collectible value. US collectible currency is among the only currency that we will purchase from the general public.  We regularly buy, and sell US Gold Certificates, US Silver Certificates, National Bank Notes, US Large Banknotes printed prior to 1922, Fractional US Currency, Historic Colonial Currency, Star Notes, and the ever common serial number notes such as book ends, repeaters, and ladders.  whatever you have, we would be more than willing to take a look at it, and possibly even make you an offer.

If there is a specific denomination, year, print, or error type of US collectible currency you are looking for, but we don't have it listed, please feel free to contact us, as we have business relationships with various collectors and dealers.  We can find what you're looking for, or even find a buyer for something you're selling.