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INR Layway

We are not an investment company and no information on this site or any document shall be misconstrued as investment advice. WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST PURCHASING INDIA RUPEE CURRENCY OR VIETNAM DONG LAYAWAY SERVICES, IF PURCHASED FOR INVESTMENT PURPOSES.

We do not claim, indicate, suggest, or imply there will ever be an India Rupee RV (Revalue / revaluation), or a re-denomination of the India Rupee INR.  The India Rupee currency is sold strictly as a collectible currency only.

We do not claim, suggest nor promise financial gain from purchasing the India Rupee currency, or any other currency, or service we offer or sell. You hereby agree that will not purchase our currencies with the intent of investment purposes, for investment reasons or with intentions of investments of any kind. Furthermore, you hereby agree hold Cheapest Dinar/PayDay Currencies/Guardian Services, it's Owners, employees and/or agents harmless against any and all damages, financial loss and/or legal liability and/or responsibility, as a result of your misuse of our products and/or services.

All currency is sold strictly for collectible purposes only. By purchasing from this website, you agree to not use our currencies or services for reasons other than the intentions for which they are sold.