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12 Month - 24 Bar Gold Tycoon Club
Startup Price:  $34.99 / one time
Subscription Price:  $139.99 / month

Subscription Includes:
1x Valcambi Display Case
24x 1 Gram 24K Solid Gold Valcambi Bars (2 bars / month)

The 12 Month Gold Tycoon Club;  For those who want to own physical Gold, this monthly subscription service provides you the opportunity to have an exciting and valuable gift delivered to your door each month for an entire year.  At the end of your subscription, you'll have a total of 24 Grams of 24K Solid Gold bullion bars.  The Gold bars you will receive are genuine, pure, solid 24K Gold bars from one of the most respected names in the bullion industry, Valcambi.

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Your subscription includes an air-tight fit plastic case (shown) complete with a clear sliding lid to show off your collection and keep it safe as it continues to grow each month.  You will receive two of these genuine Valcambie 24K Gold bars every month, for 12 full months... giving you 24 full grams of beautiful 24K Gold for your collection.

The plastic display case will securely hold your 24K Gold bars in place, while acting as an attractive display case.  The plastic display case is small enough to fit right into your wallet, yet large enough to conveniently store all 24 Valcambi bars in one secure location.

This is A PERFECT way to add Gold to your collection without having to make a large purchase all at once.  This would even make a perfect gift for that special someone so they will be reminded for years to come just how much they truly mean to you!

How This Works:
Make your first purchase of just $34.99 today for your protective display case. Your protective display case will ship out immediately so that you can safely store your Gold when once it starts arriving.  Then once per month we will automatically charge $139.99 to your credit/debit card for your monthly subscription payment until your 12 month subscription is completed.

You will enjoy the convenience of our monthly auto-pay billing so that you never miss a payment.  Every 30 days, when a successful payment is made, we will discretely ship your genuine Valcambi bars to your door, completely hassle free!

Your subscription service will continue for 12 billing cycles, and then will automatically cancel with no additional payments being charged to your account.  Once your subscription is completed, you will have received enough Valcambi Gold bars to completely fill your protective case full of beautiful 24K Gold!

We promise the price of your monthly subscription will not change, regardless of the rise in market price of Gold.  When you start your monthly subscription purchase, we will secure your entire subscription of all 24 Valcambi Gold bars safely in our vault, specifically for YOU!  As long as you don't miss a payment, you'll never pay more for your Gold bars than the advertised price at the time you started your subscription purchase!   - Now That's Value You Can Bank On!

First Purchase Does NOT Include The Gold Bars
*  First Purchase Includes ONLY The Plastic Case & Bonus Gift
*  First Valcambie bars will arrive 30 days after initial payment
*  These bars are Guaranteed to be Genuine Valcambi bars!
*  Membership requires 12 month purchase agreement ($139.99 / month)
*  Early termination will void subscription and guaranteed pricing.
*  Failed/Declined payments will void subscription and guaranteed pricing.
*  Renewing/Restarting a void subscription requires acceptance of updated pricing and policies.
*  Subscription billing requires credit/debit card payments
*  Subscription billing requires payment authorization agreement
*  Billing cycles are every 30 days, starting from date of first purchase

As a Special Gift, We will send ONE randomly selected collectible Silver or Copper Bar/Coin with your first purchase!  This is in addition to the 24 Valcambi bars included with your monthly Gold subscription.

Your payment information will NOT be stored or kept on any computer or server, thus preventing any risk of financial data theft from your account.  This is a monthly subscription payment service, by purchasing from this item listing, you are agreeing to be bound to this subscription service for twelve months.  You reserve the right to buy-out your subscription for the remaining balance, in which case we would send you all remaining Gold bars in one shipment.

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12 Month - 24 Bar Gold Tycoon Club

12 Month 24 Bar Gold Club

12 Month - 24 Bar Gold Tycoon Club Startup Price:  $34.99 / one time Subscription Price:  $139.99 / month Subscription Includes: 1x Valcambi Display Case 24x 1 Gram 24K Solid Gold Valcambi Bars (2 bars / month) The 12 Month Gold Tycoon Club;  For those who want to o...
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