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50 Million ZWD - Zimbabwe Dollar Banknote

Denomination:  10,000,000 ZWD
Denomination:  10 Million Zimbabwe Dollars
Amount:  30,000,000 ZWD
Print Run:  2008 - 2014
Series:  AA / AB / AC  Serial Numbers
Currency Status:  NON-monetized
Condition:  (G) Good - (VF) Very Fine
Details:  You will receive mixed condition and serial numbers

This item is for 3 x 10 Million ZWD Banknote / 30,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars
(Thirty Million Zimbabwe Dollars / 10 Million Zimbabwe Notes)

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10 Million Zimbabwe Dollar banknote
You are purchasing an authentic, 10 Million Zimbabwe Dollar collectible banknote. The Ten Million Zimbabwe banknote (ZWD), became a favorite among foreign currency collectors as it belongs to a series of the worlds highest denominations of paper currency ever printed!

This Zimbabwe Currency banknote is guaranteed to be within the condition range specified above, and to be 100% Authentic Zimbabwe Currency. Although the 10 Million ZWD is not currently monetized in Zimbabwe, these highly collectible banknotes are the authentic currency issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). This ZWD banknote has had all of the security features tested by our vendors, and guaranteed to meet our strict security requirements.

This Authentic Zimbabwe Dollar banknote will come with our in-house Certificate Of Authenticity (COA). Also included absolutely free, is a protective storage envelope, with a Zimbabwe currency security reference image, for security feature authentication. The serial numbers will be documented on the reverse side of the COA, and recorded in our office for authentication and protection purposes. The documented serial numbers will add to the genuine authenticity of this collectible Zimbabwe Dollar banknote.

This official Zimbabwe currency collectible banknote is guaranteed to be certified authentic currency issued by the RZB, with a condition grade of (G) Good - (F) Fine. The collectible notes you will receive will be of a mixed grading condition within the promised condition range, and from the print run of either AA, AB, and/or AC serial numbers.

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OBVERSE (FRONT):  Chiremba Balancing Rocks in Epworth, near Harare; Each note has Zimbabwe bird mark colour-shift paint. Inside security thread written "RBZ" and signed by Dr G. Gono (Central Bank Governor of Zimbabwe). The triple stacked rocks surrounded by shrubbery are imprinted on the front.

REVERSE (BACK):  On the Left:  Located in the background is the Anglican Cathedral. The Cathedral of St Mary and All Saints, Harare is the St Mary's Anglican Cathedral in Zimbabwe. In the foreground building is the Parliament Building of Zimbabwe.
On the Right:  The "Great Tower", located in Great Zimbabwe, a ruined city in the south-eastern hills of Zimbabwe, near Lake Mutirikwe.

WATERMARK:  None (simulated "watermark" in watermark area, shows cow on both sides).

Payments Methods Accepted:  US Postal Money orders, Bank Checks, and *Personal checks. Credit/Debit card payments are only accepted from members with accounts older than six (6) months, and with a history of no less than three (3) previous purchases.  Credit/Debit card payments for this purchase will incur a 4% processing fee, which will be added to your purchase total, AFTER check-out.  Credit/Debit card purchases over $600 in a single transaction will be broken down and processed in multiple payments.

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We do NOT believe the Zimbabwe Dollar to be currently in use within the country of Zimbabwe. We believe this series of Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD) is strictly a non-monetized, collectible currency. We do not not claim, indicate, or suggest that the Zimbabwe Dollar will ever be re-instated as a monetized currency at anytime. Zimbabwe continues to use currencies of other countries such as the Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, and the United States Dollar.

We do NOT claim, suggest nor promise financial gain from purchasing this currency, or any other currency or service we offer or sell. We do not claim, indicate, promise, imply, nor suggest there will ever be a Zimbabwe Dollar Rv, a Zimbabwe Dollar re-denomination or a revalue of the Zimbabwe Dollar currency. WE STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST PURCHASING Zimbabwe (ZWD) Dollar CURRENCY OR LAYAWAY SERVICES, IF PURCHASED FOR THAT REASON. All currency is sold strictly for collectible purposes only.

By purchasing from this website, you hereby agree to the following:
You acknowledge understand that the ZWD no longer a monetized currency, and that the ZWD is sold strictly as a collectible currency on this website. You agree to not use our foreign, or domestic currencies, Gold, Silver, Copper, and/or any other goods, or services sold on this website, for investment reasons, investment purposes, or as an investment instrument of any kind. You hereby agree to not purchase any item or service sold on this website for reasons other than the intentions for which they are sold.

Furthermore, you hereby agree hold Cheapest Dinar/Guardian Services, it's Owners, personnel, employees, assignee's, and/or agents, harmless against any and all damages, including but not limited to financial loss, financial damages, and/or legal liability or responsibility as a result of your misuse of our products and/or services.

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10 Million Zimbabwe Dollars - UNCirculated

10M ZWD Notes - UNC

50 Million ZWD - Zimbabwe Dollar Banknote Denomination:  10,000,000 ZWD Denomination:  10 Million Zimbabwe Dollars Amount:  30,000,000 ZWD Print Run:  2008 - 2014 Series:  AA / AB / AC  Serial Numbers Currency Status:  NON-monetized Condition:...
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