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Renewal Codes

Sale Renewal Codes

The renewal codes on this page are to be used ONLY with purchases that are direct renewals of a purchase made during a qualifying sale.  If you have made a purchase during one of our sales which allows for you to use a renewal code to renew your order made during that sale, then your renewal code will be located on this page.

You may only use these renewal codes when your new purchase directly reflects the sale of the renewal codes listed below.

To use the renewal codes on this page:
Step 1:  Scroll down to find the name of the sale that your original purchase was made from.
Step 2:  Find the correct coupon code that you are qualified to use.
Step 3:  Highlight / copy or write down the coupon code EXACTLY as shown.
Step 4:  On the payment page for your renewal purchase, type in the corresponding coupon code to receive your discount

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  You MUST use each coupon code in the order as required within the sale details and specifications.  Orders made that use the coupon codes out of order, will be cancelled per the terms of the sale.  You may NOT use these coupon codes unless you have made a previously qualifying purchase through one of our sale events.  Orders made using a coupon without a previously made qualifying purchase will result in your order being cancelled per the terms of the sale.  You may apply each coupon code to only the qualifying items of each order... Purchases made which have additional items added to the renewal order, will have the price adjusting accordingly to the qualifying parts of your purchase.

1st RENEWAL CODE:  JulyOne
*Save 25% off your renewal order!

2nd RENEWAL CODE:  JulyTwo
*Save 30% off your renewal order!

3rd RENEWAL CODE:  JulyThree
*Save 35% off your renewal order!

More Coupon Codes will be updated shortly....